Kashmir Central Conclave
The event Will Be Remembered Forever
Dr Shafiya Khan
A few auspicious events have had a lasting an impact on me. Kashmir Central Conclave is one of them.
I got an opportunity to witness the enlightening event that taught me about life in many different aspects.
To be among the great dignitaries that included policymakers was an honour in itself.
The conclave was organized by Kashmir Central, the weekly news magazine. The main focus and agenda of the Conclave was to encourage the youth and provide insights about different arenas of employment rather than waiting endlessly for government jobs.
The focus of the Conclave was to bring youth and the policymakers on the same platform and facilitate
dialogue which will benefit the youth and the society.
The Conclave comprised of four sessions that addressed diverse arenas of concern for the youth.
As I mentioned earlier, the focus of the Conclave was to listen to the youth – not just their issues but also their needs.
Dignitaries and experts from diverse fields ensured that the platform was left open for the students to express their views.
I must say that the venue for the Conclave, Taj Vivanta, was a major source of attraction for everyone, especially students hailing from far-flung areas. Their smiling and laughing eyes said it all. Students from different colleges and universities participated in the event.
The event started at sharp 11 am. The session was inaugurated by presenting “Izband Souz”, bouquet and shawls to the Chief Guests, Mohammad Qayoom, VC Cluster University, Prof. Farooq Ahmad Shah VC Central University Kashmir, Prof. Tariq Ashai, principal of GDC College Pattan, and political scientist Prof Gul Mohammad Wani.
Every honourable guest encouraged the students to have a positive outlook on life. The distinguished speakers enlightened students about different initiatives that the government has taken for the better future of our youth.
The Inspirational  Prof Ashai 
I, personally, am grateful to Prof Ashai for inviting me and providing me an opportunity to witness such a grand event.
Prof Ashai provided the students with a once in a lifetime opportunity, where they learned how to find their own way in life rather than complaining about the problems that life offers. His lively nature and grand aura left the audience overwhelmed.
Many Distinguished Guests
How can I not mention Prof Afzal Zargar, Registrar of the Central University of Kashmir. I learned so much from his words of deep wisdom and knowledge.
He and his colleagues were truly humble and generous.
Ms Farzana, a senior journalist shared her experiences regarding the challenges of being a woman.
Mr Muzaffar Beigh and his wife Ms Safeena Beigh also graced the occasion and were a part of the discussion panels.
Lively Question-Answer Sessions
Every session concluded with a lively question-answer session. Students actively participated in these sessions. The distinguished panelists answered the queries of students.
The conclave concluded with presenting certificates to the guests and participants. Finally, I (Prof Shafia, HoD English, GDC Women Baramulla) offered the vote of thanks. I am pleased to note that my lively and refreshing vote of thanks was appreciated by well-known dignitaries.
All Thanks To The Organisers
The organisers, Mr Bashir Assad, Ms Bisma Bhat, and Mr Sheikh Sameer put their heart and soul into making the event a grand success. Who else could have been the best host for the event other than the organiser?  Bisma was an anchor for the entire event. She not only moderated the event gracefully but was single-handedly handling the backstage. For me, she is a host-turned-friend. Mr Bashir Assad, a known personality, is a remarkable person indeed. How can I forget that despite suffering from severe back pain, he kept a bird’s eye view to ensure that the entire proceedings were conducted perfectly. He is a gem of a person.
Mr Sheikh Sameer, a humble soul, was on his toes to check if everything was going perfectly backstage.
I shall never forget the experience in my life. I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the event.


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