About Us

The free flow of negative content on Kashmir and its wide circulation on social media is damaging Indian interests locally, nationally, and internationally. There is an urgent need to counter this content in an organized and efficient manner.
Media Analysis Centre, Kashmir, is an organized initiative to counter negative propaganda and content on Kashmir locally, nationally, and internationally.
Media Analysis Centre (MAC) shall generate content that shall aggressively counter the lies being peddled regarding Kashmir in the domestic, national, and international media.
The content produced by MAC shall include news reports, features, videos, and documentaries.
The purpose is to break the toxic plot that keeps feeding malicious, negative news on Kashmir and circulating the same to deepen stereotypes of oppression and alienation. The attempt is to bring in a reality check on Kashmir and refresh the narrative in a positive, inclusive direction.
MAC shall also provide a platform to bring together positive and happy voices of aspirational Kashmir youth, within Kashmir or outside. The Kashmiri voices of positivity and growth within India shall act as a force multiplier for the youth within Kashmir.
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Kashmir Central
Mobile Number; 9858566134
Jawahar Nagar
Srinagar, Kashmir