Rogues In Kashmiri Diaspora: Your Game Is Over!


There is a concerted effort by rogues among the Kashmiri diaspora to reduce life in Kashmir to a few crying posts over social media handles.

These rogues, most of them self-exiled Kashmiris, live in prosperous and peaceful nations. Their children are engaged in pursuing the happy life. But they refuse to accept peace or prosperity for Kashmir.

You will always find these fraudsters beating their chests. These cheats daily flock social media, giving gyaan to the Kashmiris back home: Aage badho, Hindustan se ladho, hum tumhare saath hain. Go ahead and fight India. We are with you.

For many years now, these cheats have been posting videos on social media saying Aage badho, Hindustan se ladho. If they are so keen on leading Kashmiris into some imagined war, why haven’t they found time in all these years to come and get a taste of what they post?

Watch the grandiose positioning of these crooks in a series of videos. One of them named Asif Dar records a video and posts it on Facebook. “I, Asif Maqbool Dar, pledge that if India is going to do some other disturbance in Kashmir, if they are with the plan, so are we. We will fight to the end. We are going to fight this war to the conclusion. Either we lose our lives or we win the battle. There is no coming back. We are here. The people on ground, remember that we will fight it to the end. We are there with you all along. We will breathe together, we will live together, we will die together.”

Look up Asif Dar on Facebook. He has lived in the Gulf for many years. He drives fancy cars and lives in a plush house with his family in a peaceful land, amidst worldly comforts. His children live the good life. What is this makkar man telling children of Kashmiris to do? Go on the streets, clash with the security forces and die.

Similar exhortations are given by Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur, another fraudster living abroad. “Fight India. Every one of you rise up and fight. Do not lose heart,” he says in the video.

Mubeen Shah also does this lunatic talk living abroad. He and his children don’t have to pick up the gun. So he shouts at Kashmiris: “Fight with India for your rights!” The swindler named Mukhtar Baba, living abroad, posts his videos telling the Kashmiris to “Rise and fight!” Another coward Zaffar Qureshi tells Kashmiris not to lose courage and fight to the end.

Farhan Mujahid Chak posts his video in a heavy angrezi accent, sitting in a luxurious four wheeler. Hear the wimp giving gyaan to the Kashmiris. “I am here to voice my voice my support, my love, my admiration to the brave and courageous people of Kashmir. We are with you and we will support you in your struggle. We will be victorious.” Yes. Chak will be victorious living thousands of kilometers away from Kashmir. The sons of poor Kashmiris must kill and die in order to make this crook happy.

Some women are out to prove they cannot be left behind in lunacy. Riffat Wani, happily living abroad, keeps up the nonsense on Twitter non-stop.

Asif, Muzzammil, Mubeen, Mukhtar, Farhan, Riffat and the rest of these crooks. Why don’t you send your children to fight this holy war while you scream the battle cries? Or go ahead and add in your video, Luk hunz mouji potre dag paye ye. O someone’s mother, let you feel the pain of your son’s death.

It is known in security circles worldwide that these crooks are on the payrolls of Pakistan. They are major shareholders of Kashmir’s conflict industry. The more Kashmir burns, the fatter their pay cheques. They are practicing a dark deceit. They have chosen happy, peaceful life and career for them and their children. For the Kashmiris, they wish for death, despair and destruction.

Lakhs of young Kashmiri men, women and children are focusing on their aspirations, their hopes, their careers living within Kashmir. New houses are being constructed all over Kashmir, weddings are happening, lives are blossoming. What do these crooks want? They want that all the Kashmiris living in their homeland should wage a war against the state and destroy their lives. Which nation in the world will sit back and allow its citizens to engage in a violent war against the state?

Puppets to Pakistan’s Tune

It is widely known that these gangs of rogues are puppets dancing to Pakistan’s tunes. A familiar strategy employed by Pakistan is to use a routine event to create a doomsday scenario in Kashmir. One set of rumours triggered by Pakistan in the last few days is of some impending bifurcation of Kashmir.

This is one of the templates Pakistan has for Kashmir.

First Pakistan deliberately plants the rumour. Then the thugs paid by Pakistan start the chorus of haaye-haaye-haaye on social media and vitiate the cyber space with an anti-India offensive. There is a constant effort to spin webs of lies to create insecurities in Kashmir.

It is now commonly acknowledged that the times of frontal wars are over. The new war zone is the cyber space, which these crooks try to malign on a daily basis.

They will do well to remember that life is not a few tweets or posts in the virtual world. Life is lived in real, happening spaces in Kashmir.

Distress, Trauma In Families Of Men Who Join Terrorist Groups

Read two articles in the later pages of Kzine. It profiles two families that were recently left wailing after a family member joined a terrorist group in Kashmir. If terrorism against India is so glorious, why are the families of those who joined terrorism crying in pain? Why are their shrieks of anguish heard by the entire village? Where do these paid crooks of Pakistan hide at that time?

Let the thugs who want to turn all Kashmiris into terrorists suffer this pain themselves – of a family member leaving to join terrorism. Then they shall feel the curse which they wish upon the poor, innocent and gullible Kashmiris.


Blind to The Real Kashmir

These conceited girls, using the social media to talk rubbish on Kashmir – take a look at the cover page of this edition of Kzine. Kashmiri girls your age are engaged in real pursuits, not building a sham body of lies. Sky News’ host Alan Jones has accurately nailed your kind. You’re selfish, badly educated, virtue signalling little turds inspired by the adults around you who crave a feeling of having a noble cause while they indulge themselves in Western luxury and unprecedented quality of life.

 Blind to the real Kashmir, and completely out of touch with the evolving realities back home.



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