Pakistan’s war on India feeds on blood & bones of young Kashmiris


Social media blitz pulling young Kashmiris to death

Terrorism presented as Youthful Fun

Meet the Kashmiri Who Invites Blooming Kashmiri Youth To Die

Pakistan’s war on India is not a frontal war that shall invite an international outcry. Pakistan’s war on India feeds on the blood and bones of young Kashmiris. The ropes for pulling young Kashmiris to death are the social media platforms.

Violence is glorified. Terrorism is presented as youthful fun. This is the ammunition with which Pakistan hunts for the Kashmiri youth. Day after day, week after week, videos and songs glorifying and celebrating terrorism and violence flow into the smartphones of gullible Kashmiri children and youth. Their death is presented romantically by calling them freedom fighters. The tragedy is that the more Kashmiris go into the cave of no return, the more are ready, waiting in queue.

The videos unleashed by Pakistan in Kashmir follow some templates. The videos look glamorous with faces of handsome Kashmiri young men holding weapons of death and destruction. Invigorating songs of freedom and patriotism play in the background. Imposing names flash on the screen. Babar Sher. Dada Bhaie. Tiger Official. King of Kings Officials. Some of the videos look like portfolios of aspiring models. Emotive songs are played. Mera jeena mera marna Ilaahi teri khatir ho. The videos are advertisements inviting young Kashmiris to die.

Naseer Singhdan: The Kashmiri in Pakistan Who Makes Young Kashmiris Choose Death

The man who is playing a stellar role in inviting Kashmiri men on the path of death and destruction is a Kashmiri who has been residing in Pakistan for over two decades. He is feted by ISI. He has huge property in Pakistan and Dubai. The man is Naseer Singhdan, a resident of Singhdan in Kupwara. Naseer’s job is to keep Kashmir boiling. For making conflict thrive in Kashmir, and for making sure that Kashmiris keep getting killed, ISI has showered Naseer with wealth. ISI has given Naseer the charge of spreading fire in Kashmir through social media. He is in charge of Pakistan’s social media operations in Kashmir. For this purpose, his office and Muzaffarabad Radio create inflaming content. The content is pushed through fake accounts by the hundreds to mislead Kashmiri youth and push them into jihad.

Naseer Singhdan and Kashmir Terrorism

I met a friend of Naseer Singhdan. He’s a Kashmiri too. He recounted the following conversation to me. Once I raised a question before Singhdan sahab that why we are using men who are not even 20 when they are not fit for this proxy war, and they don’t know anything about this conflict. Singhdan sahab replied: Suno mere bhaie jaan . Yeh koe aazadi ki ladaie nahi hai. Yeh global terrorism hai. Jannat or jahanam kis ne dekha hai. Agar hum ko dunya me enjoy karne ka moqa mil raha ha tu kue nahin kare. Agar hum in ladko ko tayar nahi kareghe tu Pakistan ISI kisi or ko yeh task deghe. Tu hum kya kamayeghe. Aaj hum ko dunya barr me gomne ka moqa mil raha hai or hamare bachay aish kar rahe he. Tu is moqay ka fayeda uthau. Baki bhaad me gaye Kashmir ki azaadi. Voh tu kabi hogi nahi. Yeh sab paise ka kheel hai. Kamao jitna kamana ha. Aap ne nahi dekha Hurriyat Conference ke logo ke paas kitni doulat hai. Yaha jo logh baithe hain in ke paas kitni prosperity hai. Yeh sab tab tak milta rahegha jab tak Kashmir me aise khoon kharaba hota rahegha. Pakistan ko Kashmir jalta hova rehna chahye tu hum ko paisa milta rahegha.”

“Bhaie mere agar ap ko be paisa kamana ha tu us paar logo ko tayar karo ki hum yaha se drugs bhejege or voh aaghe supply kareghe. Is ka 50 per cent paisa militancy par use hoga aur 50 per cent commission for handlers. Baki jo yaha se cash milegha us ko hum baant leghe. Aap bhi Keran, Tanghdar aur Kupwara se logo ko dekh lo jo yeh kaam kar sakte hain. Acha Jenab vahan tak kaise in drugs ko ponchayeghe. Bhaie Jan border tak yaha see hum bhjege or kuch selected routes se is ko uss par drop kara deghe. Hum apni logo ko phone par bolege ki is route par is date ko aana. Tu drugs utha kar lejaana or aaghe sale kar ke jis ko paisa dena hoga hum in ka naam boleghe. Bhaie magar banda bohat raazdaar hona chahye. Acha sahab ji is se hamare apni logh be use kar ke barbaad honghe. Bhaie jaan yahi aap ki problem hia ap sochte zada ho. Jo ladka bandooq utha kar marta ha tu agar drugs use kar ke maregha tu hum ko kya faraq padhta hai. Vaise be tu Kashmir barbaad horaha hai. Tu agar thoda aur hojayeghe tu kya faraq padta ha. Bhaie ISI or yaha baithe logh chahte be yahi ha ki Kashmir me kabi aman na ho tu is se Hindustan kabi tarqi nahi karegha jo asal dushman Pakistan ka hai.

Col Shahbaz of ISI and Naseer

Col Shahbaz and Naseer are the two major people who handle social media warfare in Kashmir – the modern technique of terrorism. Both have extensively visited the Gulf countries to meet the Kashmiri diaspora there. Naseer and Col Shahbaz have created a select group of Kashmiri diaspora. The task of these non-resident Kashmiris is to pose as so-called human rights activists and defame India.

Naseer’s Journey From Kashmir to Pakistan

 Naseer  Ahmad Shah, son, of late Master Anwar Shah, a resident of Singhdan in Kupwara was a bright young man with good academic performance. His chacha Ghulam Mohiuddin Shah was a Pakistan-trained militant. Through him, Naseer met other militants in Kashmir. By the early 90s, Naseer did Masters in Computer Application (MCA) from New Delhi. Late Amjad Khan, a top commander of the Al Baraq group, made him an over-ground worker and used him for various operations. The militants found Naseer to be a man of sharp understanding. In 1993, Amjad Khan sent Naseer to Pakistan for arms training. Naseer stayed there for four months. The BAT (Border Action Team) officials in charge of the area found Naseer to be a sharp, resourceful man. BAT is an informal unit of the Pakistan Army that is composed of both commandos and terrorists. They found that Naseer was keen to rise to the top level in militant ranks. Second Lt Shahbaz of ISI was associated with BAT operations in the area where Naseer was taking arms training. He met Naseer many times and found him to be a useful man. When Naseer returned to Kashmir, the chief of Hizbul Mujahideen called him for a meeting. The HM chief at that time was Syed Saluhddin, who is now the head of United Jihad Council (UJC) in Pakistan. Salahuddin asked Naseer to be his radio operator. Naseer agreed. He left Al Baraq and joined Hizbul Mujahideen. After some months, Naseer was called by BAT to Pakistan. He stayed there for six months and came back with a Hizbul Mujahideen group. Since Naseer was an IT expert with a sharp mind, ISI decided to use him to instigate the Kashmiri youth through different mediums. Initially, Naseer was given the task of setting the frequency of the radio sets of militant commanders in Pakistan.

Shabaz was a very active officer in ISI. He introduced Naseer to senior ISI officers. ISI has been staunchly opposed to an independent Kashmir and has always worked towards Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. ISI wanted to eliminate all the Kashmiri militants who were in favor of an independent Kashmir. The terrorist group Al Baraq stood for an independent Kashmir and had opposed the formation of Hizbul Mujahideen. Hizbul Mujahideen was a creation of ISI, totally funded and sponsored by it. Naseer had worked with Al Baraq earlier and knew the militants who identified with this ideology.  This knowledge of Al Baraq made Naseer a hero in the ISI camp, and he was treated like a star by the Pakistan Army. He was provided with A4 category luxuries. During this time, Naseer met the sister-in-law of then ISI chief Major General Naseem Rana and got married to her. This relationship gave a major boost to his stature. Naseer Singhdan became the most popular name in Pakistan and in militant camps. People who had spent years in this trade came to get the blessings of Singhdan Sahab. What ISI wanted to get done in militant camps was got done through Naseer Singhdan. What the militant commanders would get from Pakistan Army was decided by Naseer Singhdan. He had the blessings of the ISI chief, so all people bowed to him. Naseer was given two houses, one in Muzaffarabad and the second one in Rawalpindi. Naseer stays at Muzaffarabad while his wife and three children stay at Rawalpindi.

The Killing Of Master Anwar Shah

On the night of October 24, 2002, Master Anwar Shah was killed by unknown gunmen. People were astonished by the killing because everybody knew that his son Naseer is a top commander in Pakistan. They could not understand that how could the militants target Master Anwar Shah. People close to Naseer later learned the truth. They revealed that the killing of Master Anwar Shah was a conspiracy hatched by Naseer in Pakistan. He got his father eliminated to get the sympathy of the Pakistan Army. He knew that everyone will blame Indian security agencies because militants will not kill the father of a militant commander. A local militant named Sonullah Shah of Reshigund, also known as Sun Shah was used to kill Master Anwar Shah. Naseer ordered him from Pakistan to kill his father. When Sun Shah questioned Naseer about this order, Naseer told him that his father had become an informer for Indian security agencies. This was not true. The killing was ordered only to get the sympathy of Pakistan Army and ISI.


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