Administration Must Be More Cognizant Of Dangers Of Women Terror Networks Activated By Pakistani Terrorists


A burqa-clad woman recently tried to blow up a CRPF picket in Sopore by throwing a petrol bomb. The bomb almost exploded in her hand; she threw it hurriedly and ran away. In an earlier edition, KASHMIR CENTRAL had spoken of the ISI strategy to involve more Kashmiri women in terror activities, and attacks by women on security forces installations. KC also broke the story of ISI’s new strategy of raising women moles, particularly in Sopore in North Kashmir, and Shopian and Tral in South Kashmir.

The reason is that foreign terrorists have been hiding in these areas for long periods. They have been able to indoctrinate women, particularly college girls, and have created women moles here. The petrol bomb thrown by a woman is the first attack of its kind in Kashmir by a woman. Sources reveal that a Pakistani terrorist has been operating in the area for long. Sources add that he is operating in broad daylight but the security forces have not been able to crack his identity. Reports suggest that many women have come into his contact, and he has given them training in grenade throwing. Sources add that this terrorist is facilitating the transition of other Pakistani terrorists who sneak into Kashmir, mostly with the help of women. There are reports that some foreign terrorists (FTs) hiding in Srinagar outskirts are replicating the model of the terror cell operating in Sopore. These FTs intermingle with the local population, particularly targeting building strong women networks. This development is alarming. The intermingling of foreign terrorists with locals is very dangerous. This trend must be arrested. J&K Police at large, and Srinagar Police in particular must strengthen its human intelligence network to bust these terror modules. The chances of mass mobilization are bleak for Pakistan. That is why ISI is concentrating on women moles to create disturbance in Kashmir. The Administration must be more cognizant of the dangers of women terror networks activated by Pakistani terrorists. Security experts must engage in brainstorming on how to arrest this trend before it is late.


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