Amrulleh Saleh exposes Pakistan’s terrorists compounds; reveals ISI and Terrorism bonhomie

Amrullah saleh


Amrulleh Saleh, ousted vice-president who left Kabul ahead of the Taliban takeover for the Panjshir Valley to run the operations of a National Resistance Front (NRF) with the son of his former ally, Ahmad Shah Massoud, the slain Northern Alliance general.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announced the formation of a new government, Saleh declared himself the caretaker president of Afghanistan. But all this did not mean much. After days of fighting in and around the Panjshir Valley, the Taliban claimed to have defeated the NRF. But Saleh remains active, at least on Twitter.

In his latest tweet, Saleh exposes the bonhomie between militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan with the Pakistan Intelligence Agency, ISI.

He reveals that, “On several occasions during my time as Director General of the NDS I had to share folders containing actionable intelligence on terrorist compounds & bomb making workshops run by Tajmir, the current deputy chief of Talib’s GDI in sub-urban sites within Pakistan with the ISI General Directors i.e. Gen Keyani & later on Gen Shuja Pasha. This was part of the US/NATO mediated effort to convince or enable Pakistan to act. They naively or mis-calculatedly believed that Pakistan would act. They thought the ISI would act against its own ‘virulent arm’ the Haqqani terrorist group as labeled by US Admiral Mike Mullen.”

He added, “The US authorities knew by heart that the Afghan government was right that the Pakistan army was a culprit & perpetuator of terrorism not a recipient of its harm. Yet our fact-based analysis would be bypassed or skipped. Each time we would locate Tajmir & tell the ISI to act all that would happen subsequently was for Tajmir to change his location and contact numbers based on tips from the ISI headquarters.”

“My detailed & nuanced commentary on this matter was published by PBS in ” The Spy Who Quit”. series 2011. Assisted by the ISI, Tajmir was running a network of terrorists responsible for most of the deadly & mass casualty attacks in Kabul Capital Region. I never fully understood what gave the Pakistani establishment the confidence that terrorists would only hurt Afghans or others inside Afghanistan. Did they believe that their bombs & terrorists were genetically modified or what? Today as I heard the mass causality bombing in Bajur what immediately came to my mind was names Keyani, Pasha, Tajmir, Faiz Hameed, Mulana Fazul Rehman of the JUI, scores of others & all the celebrations these people had for massacring of the Afghan people. The current defense minister of Pakistan Khaja Asif openly congratulated the Taliban victory which literallly means massacre of the Afghan people and subjugating them to tyranny & barbarism”, he added.

He further revealed that, “Actually, the Pakistani army and the ISI plus madrasa systems that trained the Taliban & celebrated the return of barbarity to Afghanistan ARE IN NO MORAL POSITION to condemn these terrorist attacks. It is their own Frankenstein Monster. It was just yesterday that the so-called Consul General of the Taliban in Peshawar openly thanked the Pakistan army and the ISI for sponsorship of Taliban. I can guess the type of comments the ISI sponsored trolls will drop here. Truth is bitter.”

To his address to the people of Pakistan, he said, “Very dear Pakistani people If you want to be believed, then you have to swallow the truth and confess to the wrongdoing of your establishment & force them repent for the crimes they have committed and still commit against the Afghan people. What happened in Bajur is a terrorist attack. You want to know how these attacks happen then you have to assign a non-ISI, non-army commission to investigate the Frankenstein Monsters created over the years & even decades. Then make that report public and stop the wrong policies. Else your narrative won’t be believed.”


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