Anti-State Forces In Kashmir Exploit India’s Democratic Space To Promote Separatism, Terrorism


Mehbooba Mufti, Er Rashid, many others have consistently exploited liberties offered by the Indian state to incite youth for violence

Behind the humanitarian appeals for Kashmir and Kashmiris lies a dangerous agenda. Unabashed extremism is at the core of superficial humanism. Take a close look at what all is painted as heroic: Inciting and institutionalizing violence, painting violent extremists as victims and subversion of vulnerable young minds.

Those involved in serious crimes are projected as “political prisoners”. The agenda is to project the falsehood nationally and internationally that these criminals are inoffensive activists. That they have been arrested merely for benign political beliefs. In reality, the majority of these prisoners have been involved with dangerous terrorist organizations. Violent extremists of Kashmir are given a halo by social media and are venerated.

Many foreign organizations having direct links with Pakistan’s deep state intensified their anti-India rhetoric after the dilution of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. The attempts to deepen the rhetoric continues, with far more sinister designs. The anti-India forces turn a blind eye to the facts that demolish their claims.

Naeem Khan

In a sting operation by the India Today Group in May 2017, militant-turned-separatist Naeem Khan confessed to receiving funds from Pakistan to create unrest in Kashmir Valley. Nayeem Khan, Farooq Dar alias Bitta Karate and Gazi Javaid Baba admitted on-screen that Pakistan was funding the Kashmir unrest by pumping money into Kashmir valley through Hurriyat leaders including Syed Ali Shah Geelani and others to keep the pot boiling. Naeem was shown in the video saying that even the burning down of schools in 2016 violence was done after receiving funds from Pakistan to continue the unrest in the valley.

Farooq Dar alias Bitta Karate

Bitta Karate has confessed to the killing of dozens of Kashmiri Pandits. He is projected by the sham human rights activists as a political prisoner.

Asiya Andrabi

Asiya Andrabi is projected as a political prisoner. She is projected as a socio-political activist who has been unjustly jailed. Andrabi admitted in an interview that she met al-Qaeda officials and told them that if “you belong to Sheikh Osama’s al-Qaeda then you are very welcome because he was a legitimate leader of Jihad”.

Andrabi has described the possible arrival of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Kashmir as “our brothers coming to help us to liberate us from India”. In another interview in 2001, Andrabi expressed her support for the killing of “not only the [Indian] police, but all the Indian politicians, too.” When asked about “a call made by a Kashmiri militant group for the assassination of India’s prime minister”, she replied: “We would be very happy, Inshallah [God willing].”

Asiya Andrabi’s son Ahmad Bin Qasim is in Malaysia, busy spreading venom against the Indian state. Andrabi argues that Kashmir’s is “purely an Islamic struggle”. Andrabi does not favor an independent Kashmir, instead of saying “we want Pakistan” and “then it will be our first and foremost duty to Islamise Pakistan”.

These hypocrites claim that Kashmiri culture is threatened by India. On the other hand, they have on record affirmed their opposition to “traditional Kashmiri culture” and call for “return to Arabic culture”. The drivers of Kashmir’s terror ecosystem describe Asiya Andrabi as an iconic figure of women’s resistance in Kashmir.

Sayed Ali Geelani

The people who condemn the Indian democracy, be it the separatists or the so-called unionists in Kashmir exploited India’s democratic space to promote separatism and terrorism. Sayed Ali Geelani, the hawkish Islamist separatist was an MLA for 14 years. He got elected in the Assembly elections held in Jammu and Kashmir in 1972, 1977 and 1987. For decades, Geelani and all separatists in Kashmir have used India’s democratic platform against India. Similarly Mehbooba Mufti, Er Rashid and many others have consistently exploited the liberties offered by the Indian state to incite the youth for violence.

For decades now, anti-India forces have exploited the intrinsic liberties that provide fair opportunity for dissent. In a research paper that appeared in Journal of Conflict Resolution in 2014, Belgin San-Acka writes: “Democracy encourages terrorism due to the intrinsic liberties and freedoms that provide an opportunity for terrorists to easily organize, recruit, and mount operations. … of the contexts in which democracy’s influence on terrorism is examined.

I identify a theoretical mechanism about how democratic states unknowingly facilitate terrorism by letting terrorists freely stay within their borders, raise funds, smuggle arms, and operate offices. The empirical findings provide support for the hypothesis that democracies are vulnerable and can easily be exploited by terrorists since they have an environment conducive to terrorist activities”.


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