Balochistan PM-in-exile seeks support of India’s Modi at UN for freedom from Pakistan

Naela Quadri, the Prime Minister of the Balochistan government-in-exile.


Naela Quadri, the Prime Minister of the Balochistan government-in-exile, has made an appeal to Indian PM Narendra Modi to extend support at the United Nations to Balochistan’s quest for freedom from Pakistan’s “illegal” occupation.

Quadri requested Modi and the BJP government to take a stand in favour of Balochistan at the UN recognising the importance of this moment.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government have an opportunity today to rise in support of Balochistan at the UN, which they may not have tomorrow,” Quadri said Friday, reported PTI news agency.

Quadri is on a world tour to garner support for Balochistan’s freedom. She is reaching out to different countries to gather international support for Balochistan’s freedom from Pakistan’s control.

Her Friday remarks seeking India’s support came after she performed a puja at the VIP ghat of the Ganga in Uttarakhand, praying for her cause.

Baloch exploitation  

Quadri highlighted that Balochistan, which was once an independent country, is currently under the illegal occupation of Pakistan.

She expressed concern over the exploitation of Balochistan’s rich mineral resources and the numerous atrocities being inflicted upon its people.

Quadri pointed out the dire situation where Baloch girls are being subjected to rape, and the burning of houses and orchards is rampant. Moreover, she accused Pakistan of colluding with China to further oppress the Baloch people.

“Pakistan is not doing it alone. It has also roped in China to perpetrate atrocities on the Baloch people,” Quadri said.

“Balochistan, which was once an independent country, is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan, which is looting its mineral resources and subjecting its people to all sorts of atrocities. Baloch girls are being raped, houses and orchards are being set on fire,” she said.

Quadri said that if India supports Balochistan’s cause at the UN, her government-in-exile would reciprocate by supporting India when Balochistan achieves independence. Quadri highlighted the shared experiences of India and Balochistan, stressing how both regions have endured oppression in the name of religion.


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