Beyond the words, become their guards


THE Head Constable of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Ghulam Muhammad Dar was gunned down by terrorists on November 1, just outside his residence in Wailoo Tangmarg in North Kashmir. His was the third consecutive civilian killing in Kashmir in a span of just three days after a brief lull of a few months.

Dar’s killing drew widespread condemnation from one and all. Dar has left behind seven daughters and a widow. There is no male member in the family and Dar was the sole bread earner in the large family of females. The family is completely shattered. Dar’s eldest daughter Ulfat, 25, was to get married by the end of November. Now there is absolutely no one who can provide for sustenance of his family. His daughters are studying in different schools and Dar’s widow Maqsooda, 50, is yet to come to terms with this gaping loss.

Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Rashmi Ranjan Swain, did visit Dar’s family along with his colleagues. However, LG Manoj Sinha should visit the slain policeman’s family and hand over appointment orders to at least two of his daughters and also provide a handsome amount as ex-gratia relief. We owe it to the brave-hearts and their families. Condemnations alone won’t do much for the devastated family. The state is duty bound to provide every kind of assistance to such victims of terrorism. In fact, the state should be the guardian of such families.

The terror ecosystem survived and sustained for three decades in Jammu and Kashmir just because the terror sponsors took ownership of their assets and provided every support to them. The Jammu & Kashmir Police, particularly, has always been the target of the terrorists. The first and foremost responsibility of the security agencies is to provide deterrence and in case of any eventuality, the administration should provide every kind of support to the victims of terrorism, which essentially means, taking on the responsibility of a guardian. This should be adopted as state policy.


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