Break The Toxic Capitulation to Evil


Mera sar jhukta gaya aur vo vo khuda hota gaya

Break The Toxic Capitulation to Evil

It is hard to speak the truth. It comes with consequences. Friends, foes, the system – nobody wants to rock the apple cart. Hence compromises. Sometimes at the cost of our personal value system, and also at the cost of the long-term good of our own people and society. You speak the truth, and everybody seems to be out to pillory you. But can you afford to remain mute at all times? When falsehood drives the polity and the society, you have to be courageous to stand up for what is good and just.

I sometimes find myself alien among my own people. They sense what is wrong, but nobody wants to acknowledge it. Many fear the consequences, and with reason. Others have their hands coloured in blood. They make money on the dirty games played here.

What are the consequences of living in fear? This realization has not dawned yet. A laughing and blooming society known for its pluralistic and tolerant ethos has been criminalized. Evils are erupting. The society has an ugly face now. Murderers are masquerading as human rights defenders. The bizarre has been normalized.

And yet, hope springs eternal in the human breast. All we need is the will, and some courage to come out of this morass. Listening to a beautiful song recently, I was struck by the words. Mera sar jhukta gaya aur vo vo khuda hota gaya. This is what we have come to. Total capitulation to evil.

We need to cut through the lies and stare the evil in eye. The history of human civilization tells us that the good always wins. So we shall, Inshallah.

– Bashir Assad


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