Challenge Posed By Taliban Fighters


Summer 2022 May Be Hot In Kashmir 

Intrusion Attempts Of Terrorists Source Of Concern For Security Agencies 

Even though Pakistan is fighting a bigger battle within from the home-grown terror outfits putting up a stiff resistance to its armed forces, sources in the terror network reveal that the coming summer is going to be hot in Kashmir. There are reports of the expected influx into Kashmir of Pakistani mercenaries and terrorists who sided with Taliban. Such developments shall complicate the situation here for the Indian security agencies. It shall also have social ramifications in the Valley. It was anticipated soon after takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban that the mercenaries and terrorists would be directed by Pakistan towards Kashmir. There are military and intelligence reports suggesting that terrorists armed with sophisticated deadly weapons left behind by the US troops in Afghanistan are pulling up their socks to muscle in Kashmir. Of late, there have been reports that Afghan-returned terrorists are gathering at launching pads on other side of the LOC. These reports have been confirmed by sources in the terrorist network. The intrusion attempts of these terrorists are a source of concern for the security agencies.

Pakistan Supplying Weapons From Afghanistan For Use In Kashmir

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan happened in mid August. The early weeks of the Taliban were taken up by the heady occupation of top offices and the formation of the government. Thereafter, winter set in and heavy snow closed the winter routes. With the summer approaching and the infiltration routes being opened up again, Pakistan has started supplying weapons from Afghanistan for use in Kashmir. Sources in the terror network reveal that in the coming months, we may expect Pakistan fighters who were engaged in Afghanistan to be moved to Kashmir. Most of them may hail from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Sources further reveal that ISI shall use weapons drawn from Afghanistan in Kashmir as an intimidation tactic. The plan is to send the message to India that Pakistan has influence and reach in Kashmir. Kashmir has been at the centre of Pakistan’s strategy to help establish the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Sources in the terror operations state that the use of weapons from Afghanistan will create pressure on India that the Taliban and the fighters from there have presence in Kashmir. Sources reveal that in 2022, Pakistan will escalate its attempts to destabilize Kashmir more. “Vo yahan haalat zyada kharab karne ki koshish karenge,” revealed an OGW.

Why The Ceasefire Of Feb 2021 Was A Hoax By Pakistan

In early 2021, Pakistan reached out to India to announce the ceasefire on the LOC. On February 25, 2021, the ceasefire was announced following talks between the Directors General of Military Operations of India and Pakistan. According to sources in the terror network, India did not realize at that time that Pakistan was interested in the ceasefire only to buy time. The Pakistan Army wanted to focus its energies on Taliban activities in Afghanistan at that time, and did not want to remain engaged with India. A terror operative told KASHMIR CENTRAL: “Pakistan’s intention was that once it is free from regular engagement in Afghanistan, it shall focus on the activities in Kashmir with full strength”. Though there were no incidents of cross-border firing in March, there was no let-up in smuggling of drugs along the entire 3323-km IB or along the 740-km LOC, in spite of the regular patrols and checks by the security agencies. Sources in the terror network have revealed that since Pakistan’s engagement in Afghanistan has gone down, it shall focus on Kashmir to destabilize the situation here. The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is probably the single most important event that has had an effect on the outlook of the people in the Valley in recent times. The Taliban conquest of Afghanistan led to euphoria among sections in Kashmir, especially among the India haters and baiters. There was major spillover of this euphoria also on the Kashmir social media.

Pakistan Stressed Over Internal Problems Posed By Crisis In Afghanistan

Of equal import is the internal situation in Afghanistan, which continues to sink into a deeper quagmire daily. Even within Pakistan, the sense of jubilation over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is waning. The terrible realization has dawned that not only are their own internal issues staring at them in the face, but those of their Western neighbour are also seemingly theirs now. Meanwhile, with the US engagement in Afghanistan foreclosed, the Biden administration is ignoring both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ditto for the world, which has not warmed up to the Taliban administration because of its extreme policies that severely discriminate against women. The US and all other major global powers are largely ignoring both Pakistan and Afghanistan. You created the problem, you resolve it – seems to be the unstated refrain to Pakistan. Pakistan’s iron brother China has not come forward to embrace the Taliban. Pakistan’s efforts to find space amongst the OIC and craftily attempting that they take ownership of the Afghan problem as a larger Islamic issue also does not seem to have found many takers.


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