Complaint Against Miyan Abdul Qayoom

by Shahid Bhat


Qayoom faces charges of waging war against state, serving enemy agenda


Also faces charges of land grab, benami property, disproportionate assets, tax evasion

Senior lawyer and former president of High Court Bar Association (HCBA) Kashmir, Miyan Abdul Qayoom may lose his license to practice in any court of law. The UT government, while acting on the complaint of a group of lawyers, has reportedly sought action against Qayoom for his conduct and involvement in anti-national activities which are detrimental to peace and stability in the state.


It has already been reported that while taking due cognizance of the complaint, the disciplinary committee of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh has summoned three former presidents of High Court Bar Association on December 17. Miyan Abdul Qayoom figures on the top on the list. His anti-India statements in public domain, addresses in public forums and above all his admission before the court of law for not being a citizen of the Indian state are enough to prove him guilty. Qayoom also faces charges of land grab, Benaami property, disproportionate assets and tax evasion.




Advocate Miyan Abdul Qayoom

Platform Of Lawyer Backed By Power Of Gun

The complaint was filed before the UT administration through Secretary, Department of Law. A copy of the complaint accessed by Kashmir Central reads, “The malevolent, troublesome and deviant character is in famous Advocate  M A Qayoom who claims to hold a Bar licence under number 472/1979 , we are in pains to initiate the process which could have taken much before as against the black spot in the legal profession wearing black jacket of such a nature which has not nationally but internationally try to malign the Indian state’s integration with Jammu & Kashmir by unlawful means with intention to wage a war against the Indian State & to upkeep the narrative of Pakistan’s agenda using the platform of being a lawyer backed by power of gun at the sole instance of ISI and Pakistan, he is none other than Advocate Abdul Qayoom alias M A Qayoom using a bar enrolment with licence no : 472/1979, which ex-facia is a fake and fraudulent licence or suspected to procured by fraudulent means”.

The complainants further allege in the complaint, “Advocate Miyan Abdul Qayoom a patriarch, an ideologue and a frontline activist of secessionist-terrorist campaign in Jammu and Kashmir, who has gone all out to weaponize his professional position as lawyer against the county in collusion with terror networks, intimidating and coercing the judiciary to toe a line against the country, in total disregard to established law. With a sole aim of serving interests of Pakistan, he ensured complete dominance of his thoughts and actions in High Court of J&K and subordinate courts silencing every saner voice of legal fraternity. He owes his ideological leanings originally to radical outfit Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), with whom MAQ has remained associated since his college days”.

Coerced Judges For Favourable Decisions

With the support of the gun backing him, the complainants allege in the complaint, Miyan Abdul Qayoom cornered the maximum number of important legal cases in the High Court. He also emerged as a single window solution for all terrorist secessionist outfits whenever law enforcement agencies tightened the noose on them. The complaint says that all the time he coerced judges for favourable decisions which were either bad in the eyes of law, or by ensuring that the government lawyer is silenced to not to plead. This culture of goonda-ism and terrorism stayed strong till the time GOI made constitutional changes in J&K with abrogation of Article 370.

The complainants stated that Miyan Abdul Qayoom was solely responsible for making High Court Bar Association as a constituent part of All Party Hurriyat Conference. He also drafted the constitution of HCBA wherein it was provided in the aims and objectives to secure secession of J&K from the Union of India.

The complainants allege that Qayoom albeit practising Indian law, declared in open court in 2010 that he doesn’t believe in the Constitution of India which is the main source of all laws of the land. By deposing in a matter before Hon’ble High Court at Srinagar on 06-04-2010 in Contempt Petition No 11/2010 ( OWP No: 767/2010) titled Bar Association v/s Mirza Saleem Beigh and another of J&K ors, Qayoom is reported to have said, “I am not the citizen of India. I am the permanent resident of J&K state. I do not have faith in Constitution of India as it has been eroded by you. The entire judicial system had been hijacked crippling the system and adjudication of law based on material facts and merits became scarce, especially vis a vis cases involving terrorists and secessions.”


The Killing Of Babar Qadri

Miyan Abdul Qayoom was regarded as the ferocious legal patriarch of terrorism. Late Advocate Babar Qadri publicly stated on social and electronic media that his life was in danger because of Miyan Abdul Qayoom, who would eventually get him killed.

Tragically, soon thereafter Babar Qadri was killed. Police has been able to crack the case and his murderers are facing trail. “Qadri was killed by way of clever and clandestine mechanism wherein the potential targets are marked and identified for ISI and terrorists to be hit, like in case of Late Journalist Shujaat Bukhari,” reads the complaint.

Referring to Miyan Abdul Qayoom’s dubious unlawful character, the complainants argue that there are many speeches, drafts, press bytes, multiple documents in public knowledge that establish beyond any shadow of doubt that MAQ has no faith or belief in the Indian Constitution and he has all along worked for Pakistani interests in J&K. Qayoom has also served as interim President of the so-called Tehreek-e-Hurriyat in 1990.

The complaint further states that Miyan Abdul Qayoom pushed himself to be enthroned as president of High Court Bar Association (HCBA) , the position that he would secure by sheer threat and inducement, and was umpteen times re-elected to the post with the single-minded aim to secede J&K from the Union of India. “Very smartly and overwhelmingly utilising the platform of HCBA, coercing lawyer community into submission who would fear him like an angle of death, Qayoom made Srinagar Wing of High Court as epicenter and headquarter of secessionist-terrorist crusade against the state of India, with well-co-ordinated attempts to procure international legitimacy to Pakistan sponsored terrorist campaign In Jammu and Kashmir. Taking full advantage of his black robes and the fact that attorneys in the western world are perceived as honoured members of society, Qayoom made umpteen attempts to mislead the world community by distortion of facts, peddling false narrative of victimhood and so-called human rights violations. The legitimate mandate of the state to enforce rule of law and maintain order in the wake of large scale terrorism had been portrayed as some kind of military occupation to hoodwink international community.”

The complainants accused Qayoom of being the author of the false narrative that the Indian state is attempting some kind of demographic change in J&K. The complainants have revealed in the complaint that in the run up of 2011 census, Qayoom issued a press statement on 20-05-2010 stating that the census is aimed at changing the demographic profile of the state of J&K.

The statement appeared in Daily United Times and other daily newspapers. He went to an extent stating that the Bar Association would itself conduct the census exercise in utter disregard to the legitimate institutions established by law. This false narrative is still a prominent discourse in public domain with Qayoom being the original author of this absurdity, having no other aim except to cause doubts in the minds of people to provoke them against government as a part of strategy of narrative war unleashed by Pakistan against us. As a patriarch of violence, his role in large scale street rioting targeted against sovereignty of India on Pakistani behest, in between 2008-19 could be explained with his statements issued by him to press and published widely on 02-03-2010 and 21-04-2010, that HCBA would provide free of cost legal help to stone pelters.

The complainants have urged upon the displinary committee of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh  to immediately initiate the proceedings under the relevant provisions of The Advocates Act or any relevant law to suspend the licence followed by the termination the licence (if any) issued to Miyan Abdul Qayoom for practicing the legal profession as an Advocate or Pleader. The same shall be in in complete consonance with rule of law and justice prevalence, stated the complaint.


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