Crime Clouds


Wise men in Kashmir had cautioned that normalizing violence would impact our society in devastating ways


The crime rate in Kashmir is witnessing a surge in the last few years. Though the incidents can still be termed as isolated, the nature of crime is disturbing. Slowly but gradually, every kind of crime reported from the mainland or globally is being imitated in the valley. One could not even think of such crimes a few years ago.

The surge in criminal acts can be attributed to the drug menace which has penetrated deep into Kashmir society. Drug peddling and drug addiction is demolishing the socio-economic foundations of Kashmir. A worrying number of our youth have been consumed by the menace. We have lost one generation to violence. We are on the verge of losing another generation to drugs.

Only some years ago, we could not even think of the crimes that we are witnessing currently.  Now we are longing for a day free of crime and criminal acts. Three decades ago, wise men in Kashmir had cautioned people against normalizing violence. They had predicted that with the inception of violence, the society would slowly but gradually witness a shift towards crime.

This is precisely what we are going through. It is sad to observe that religious preachers, society leaders and opinion makers are silent on this grave issue. The citizens need to break the silence to save our vulnerable youth from devastation.

We as a society ignored the churning for decades. We could not monitor the change in behaviour of the youngsters who are on the wrong track. Law enforcing agencies can only do their bit. It is the citizens who have to play their role in eradicating crimes from society. Let us face the challenge together and emerge as a better society.



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