Darbar Move Confusion Impacts Working Of Civil Secretariat, Vital Departments

Breaking the tradition of Darbar move from Srinagar to Jammu during winter, and back from Jammu to Srinagar in summer, has created  confusion. The government could not draw a comprehensive administrative plan on how to abolish the centuries old tradition.
Recently the government ordered the shifting of around 400 Civil Secretariat employees including some administrative secretaries to Jammu. This is in addition to shifting the police headquarters and the police personnel deployed with government officials.
This move has added to the confusion, as official work has suffered badly in both the regions. But one thing is given.The officers and other employees have an excuse – genuine or otherwise  – regarding poor pace of work. They claim that this is because of the shifting of some official from each department or some of the departments.
Those who visit Civil Secretariat Srinagar to check the progress of their files are told that the incharge of the section has been shifted to Jammu.
This was exactly what the people in Jammu were being told earlier when the Darbar was shifted to Srinagar. On the other hand, the people in Jammu are seemingly annoyed, stating that their businesses suffered because of the non-shifting of offices for six months during winter.
The Secretariat employees and their families provided a strong consumer base to the businesses in Jammu during winter months. Shifting some of the Civil Secretariat officials has undoubtedly caused inconvenience to the general public.
There is confusion even in the Chief Secretary’s office. Visitors there say that the functioning of the CS office has been impacted by the Darbar move confusion. It is not properly functioning in Srinagar, nor has it shifted to Jammu as yet. The government should clear the air on this confusion as soon as possible.


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