DBU Punjab Crisis: University to Compensate Students with Rs 10 Lakh Each



Srinagar: In response to a student protest and demands from the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association regarding alleged assault on Kashmiri students and an admission scandal at Desh Bhagat University (DBU) in Punjab, the Punjab Chief Minister has taken significant actions.

The inspection of DBU’s nursing institutions found that the university had admitted more than double the number of students allowed by the Indian Nursing Council (INC). The physical infrastructure was also deemed inadequate. As a result, students admitted beyond the prescribed limits staged a protest, blaming DBU’s management for jeopardising their careers. Despite efforts by the district administration and the police to control the situation, students’ frustration, especially those from the 2020-21 session, continued to rise.

In light of the comprehensive inspection report submitted by officers from the Punjab Medical Education Department, the competent authority has issued several directives.

DBU will continue to educate students who were legitimately admitted according to INC norms in various nursing courses.

DBU is prohibited from admitting any new students into nursing courses.

DBU is required to provide a complete list of 3rd-year students from the 2020-21 session affected by unauthorised admissions for their transfer to safeguard their academic futures.

DBU has been instructed to pay a fine of Rs 10 lakh to each student admitted beyond the prescribed number of seats to compensate for the trauma and dislocation they will experience.

DBU must deposit the fees for the current year (i.e., the 3rd year) to the institutions where affected students will be transferred, as demanded by the respective colleges.

DBU is obligated to provide comprehensive records, including attendance, examination results, practical outcomes, fees paid, and security details, required by colleges where the government will make efforts to accommodate affected students.

The government aims to facilitate the transfer of these students from DBU to colleges with vacant INC-approved seats. It is essential to clarify that the government does not bear the responsibility of ensuring these students’ accommodation; the complete fault lies with DBU. The primary responsibility for rehabilitating students and providing financial compensation rests with Desh Bhagat University.

Jammu and Kashmir Students Association National Convenor Nasir Khuehami said that, DBU Owner, VC and management has been informed by the Chief Minister’s office that they have committed a fraud on the students for which criminal action is being initiated against them separately.


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