Ditch this crash course!


Headline: Ditch this crash course!



THE Eid-ul-Adha has been celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir with much fervour. The hustle and bustle in the market places started a week ahead. People have been busy buying things and also livestock for the customary slaughter. With everything going smoothly, the one issue that is very common during festivals is the crashing of the online money transaction sites of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. There were as many as 71 lakh withdrawal transactions made three days ahead of Eid and transfer transactions around Rs. 4,170 crore through Jammu & Kashmir Bank alone. Due to massive transactions, Jammu & Kashmir Bank’s Mpay crashed intermittently. So did the other online transaction system of JK Bank, like UPI. Before Eid, mPay saw some 27.5 lakh successful transactions amounting to Rs 1,975 crore; through ATMs around 10.5 lakh successful transactions amounting to Rs 620 crore were made; through UPI, 29.10 lakh transactions amounting to 525 crore were made and JKB’s PoS and e-commerce channels saw three lakh transactions amounting to 1,100 crore.

The Jammu & Kashmir Bank has been working since 1938, making it one of the oldest institutions in India and a lot of people are dependent on it and it is in the times of festivities that people require money to celebrate such occasions hassle free, but it has time and again been observed that the Jammu & Kashmir Bank’s internet banking sites crash after massive transactions which is not the issue with other banks and this has proven to cause too much inconvenience to the people, who, at the time of making transactions, realise that their online transaction system is not working. India is treading to become 5 trillion economy by 2025 and the JK Bank needs to play its part in that goal; so, the infrastructural development and the development of Information Technology (IT) section is a must. With everything becoming technology based, this hiccup of crashing sites must be taken seriously.


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