Drug Abuse Networks


Drug Abuse Networks 

Take Stern Action Against All Involved 

The current week is being observed as the Drug Awareness Week in Jammu and Kashmir. Awareness camps are being organized throughout the Union Territory. Students of schools, colleges and universities are carrying out rallies against the deepening drug menace in Jammu and Kashmir. It is heartening to see school children passionately participating in anti-drug rallies in Kashmir valley. The UT Administration is also facilitating such programs in schools and colleges.

Drug abuse in the Valley is alarming. It remains a cause of concern for every parent in Jammu and Kashmir. Youth are fast becoming victims of drug abuse. According to a survey, 23% of youth in Kashmir valley are into drugs consumption. This is worrying. Going by the unofficial surveys, if the flow of drugs continues on the same speed in Jammu and Kashmir, it will leave Punjab behind soon. Managing Editor of Kashmir Central Ms Bisma Nazir correctly observed at a recent event, “We have lost one generation to terrorism, and are at the verge of losing another generation to drug menace”.

Drugs are imported to Kashmir valley through multiple routes from neighbouring countries, and budding youth are falling prey to it at a high speed. Drug peddlers need to be seen as terrorists. They must be dealt under appropriate law to send out a loud and clear message that the state shall not let off those who are doing business over human lives. Stern action needs to be taken against government officials, particularly in police and revenue departments, who provide cover to drug peddlers for monetary benefits. It shall be appropriate to invoke Article 311 of the Constitution against the erring officials. They pose a real threat to the security and stability of the state.


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