Time To End Female Erasure in Society

Empowerment Is A Woman’s Right

The enemy of feminism is not men. It is patriarchy, and patriarchy is not men. It is a system, and women can support the system of patriarchy just as men can fight for gender equality. – Justine Musk

Prof Shafia

In the beginning, God created man, as we have been informed. We do not know where the “God” is but the “man” is still here. The man of mankind, the man as an ideology, the man as the essence of patriarchy.

Patriarchy – the totalitarian overarching influence of a power structure – creates and reproduces us in ways we always already assume are natural to us. When following the Islamic notions of the emergence of the world, we learn that Adam and Eve were created first. When gauging deeper into how the creation happened, we are told that Eve was taken out of Adam’s rib.

Always The Subordinate And Dependent Position

What we understand here is the subordinate status imposed on Eve which ultimately also accounts for women’s dependency on men. Later, we learn the historical narratives by the divine scheme – the creation of men and women where women end up accepting the subordinate and dependent position. We also frame approximations about the emergence of patriarchy when negotiated with the divine doctrine of the creation of mankind along the continuum of men and women in a set-up of building a society.

The gender issue is one of the major prevailing issues in the present scenario. A woman’s birth is always unwelcome for known facts. At times, they are being killed in fetuses. The whole life of women is determined by men. When she is young, her parents inhibit gender identity in her by discriminating between a daughter and a son.

A male is given more preference and priorities in life than a woman. One of Simone Beauvoir’s most famous statements is telling. “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” (Beauvoir 267). This important insight suggests that it is not biology or nature which makes us women. Man is viewed as ‘One’, while the woman is the ‘Other’ to man: as all the things which man is not. She has been reduced to a commodity.

Women are equally important in society as men. They comprise the backbone of a progressing nation. Demographically, half the population of the country constitutes women, and they deserve equal importance and rights in a society that men enjoy.

Time For Equal Opportunities

From keeping the home safe and clean to portraying excellent outcomes in the workplace, a woman can do it all. Their capabilities must not be underestimated based on their gender, and they should be given equal opportunities to display their talents. It is essential for us to know and acknowledge the status of women in our society.

In previous ages, men had only one notion about women – that they were born to control the household chores and manage the children. But in today’s world, women’s empowerment has taken place which has opened new doors for women to thrive and shine.

Still, the saddest part is at times their efforts are overlooked, and they are never praised for the things they do. People assume these works as their duties and consider them to be free servants. This outlook needs to change, and people should understand that women need help in the work they do. She is not free labour. Whatever she does is a labour of love.

Women should be encouraged to do something in addition to the household chores. If they want to work independently or in some organization and earn, no one should stop them. They are individuals with full freedom to do anything that they think is the best for them.


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