Ensure A Safer Journey


THE overturning of a bus in the Doda region of Jammu and Kashmir led to the unfortunate deaths of 38 people. The bus was carrying 40 passengers when suddenly it skidded off the road and rolled into a 300-foot gorge. The aftermath was devastating, with casualties and numerous injuries reported. Emergency services rushed to the scene, working tirelessly to rescue survivors and provide medical assistance. The horrible video graphics show the bodies drenched in blood and how the locals immediately rushed to their rescue.

The news of accidents in these mountainous terrains of Jammu and Kashmir is not new. There have been several such incidents in which poor populace lost their lives to tragic accidents. Our roads & terrain are not suitable for the passage of long buses but people of the region still prefer these private buses due to a low fare.

This unfortunate incident highlights the pressing need for a comprehensive review of the region’s road infrastructure and transportation safety measures. Residents have long voiced their concerns about the conditions of the roads, inadequate signage, and the lack of proper maintenance, all of which contribute to heightened risks of accidents.

The announcement of ex-gratia by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the LG administration is a welcome step. The UT administration must ponder and work to reduce such accidents in the future.

The local authorities must collaborate with transportation experts and conduct a thorough audit of the road network in and around Doda. This audit should focus on identifying hazardous spots, improving road conditions, and implementing necessary safety measures such as speed limits, warning signs, and regular maintenance checks for public transportation vehicles. The government must provide public transport in the region with minimal fare and compatibility. These accidents are a reminder that the tough terrains of J&K need scientific overhauling.


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