For Kashmir University, State Rules Don’t Matter


The Fraud By Maroof Qadri

KU Thumbs Nose At Serious Charges Against Maroof Qadri, Hands Him Prestigious New Project

On June 14, Prof Talat Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir chaired a meeting to review the plans for the IT Innovation Park proposed to be set up on the campus. According to news reports, the four-story technology park will be built on 42,000 sq ft. It shall be able to support 50 start-ups (physical and virtual) per year to develop software-based applications and products with facilities like software development labs with modern hardware, super-specialized labs of artificial intelligence, database management system, cloud services, and data analytics.

The IT Innovation Park is supposed to be set up by the varsity’s Directorate of Information Technology and Support System (IT&SS). The Directorate had submitted a Detailed Project Report in 2019-2020 for various IT initiatives in the university for funding under CAPEX grant of the Higher Education Department, Government of J&K. The cost of the project is Rs 12-15 crore. National tenders have been invited for the project. Ironically, the project is headed by Maroof Qadri, who is not qualified to occupy the post of the Director, Directorate of IT&SS.

Fraud On The Campus

On June 6, KZINE Edition 1 had exposed how Maroof Qadri has been appointed Director, Directorate of Information Technology and Support System (IT&SS). Several representations have been made by Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) to the KU management that Qadri does not have the qualification to be even the faculty member of the Directorate.

Faculty members of the university have objected in writing to the KU management that Qadri’s Masters and Ph.D. degree is invalid and that he is occupying the post of Director fraudulently.

Additionally, there is resentment among KU faculty members that Qadri has occupied the post of Director IT&SS for five years without rotation. Instead of initiating action against him, the University of Kashmir has awarded Qadri with the prestigious IT Innovation Part project. To read the whole article click here

On Qadri, Flip-Flop by KU VC, Registar: Nobody Accepts Responsibility

When questioned by KZINE in this regard, Vice-Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad said, “All these things (regarding the IT Innovation Park) are done by Mr. Maroof Qadri of the IT Department. The project is under him.” When the KZINE correspondent asked the VC as to why no inquiry had been initiated against Qadri regarding his fraudulent appointment, Prof Talat replied, “I don’t know about these things. I don’t read newspapers and magazines. All these communications are looked at by the Media Advisor or by the Registrar. I cannot answer such questions. It is not my mandate. I am not the person to speak about these issues. You can ask the Registrar and Maroof.

Chhoti chhoti cheezon ke liye I cannot sit and discuss”.

The KZINE correspondent had to remind the Vice-Chancellor that there have been multiple complaints by KUTA and other faculty members against Qadri. On this, Prof Talat replied, “You please speak to the Registrar. I am not supposed to talk to any individual about these things. My work is to look after academics, to look after research and the broad framework of the university.”

Commenting on the Vice Chancellor’s response, a faculty member of KU said it was strange that Prof Talat chose to wash his hands off the Maroof Qadri case, in which serious irregularities seem to have been committed. “Is the Vice-Chancellor only a titular post?

Isn’t Prof Talat supposed to take responsibility for the wrongdoings and frauds on the campus and take appropriate action,” questioned the faculty member.

KU Registrar Dr Nisar Ahmad Mir went through a series of flip-flops while answering questions relating to Maroof Qadri. On being asked whether the IT Innovation Park shall be headed by Maroof Qadri, Dr Mir said, “Yes it will go under the IT department…It is not finalized yet. We will finalize after project tender.”

Dr Mir said that the university has started the procedure for the rotation of the post of Director Information Technology and Support System, currently occupied by Qadri. On being questioned about whether the University of Kashmir was examining the qualification of Qadri for this post, Dr Mir disconnected the call.


It takes an amazing degree of audacity to completely ignore all damning evidence and treat Maroof Qadri as the Ladla (poppet) of Kashmir University.

Whatever be the evidence, Ladla isn’t going to be questioned. He’s going to stay put and be mollycoddled. So the question is, who is being audacious where Maroof Qadri is concerned? Is it the Vice-Chancellor? Is it the Registrar? How can Kashmir University trust him with such a prestigious project? Who guarantees that the person who allegedly launched his career on a pack of lies will handle the prestigious project with honesty?

Who is making sure that Qadri stays as the poppet of Kashmir University? Where does the buck stop?

In any educational institution of integrity, Qadri would have been asked to explain the charges leveled at him. The University of Kashmir is not bothered with UGC or state regulations. Kashmir University has thumbed its nose at the state and has handed the accused man a prestigious new project.

The University of Kashmir is flouting state rules with impunity. Who shall be held accountable for the slide of academic standards in the university?


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