For Spin Doctors Of “Local Resistance”, New Questions To Answer


For Spin Doctors Of “Local Resistance”, New Questions To Answer 

All those so-called academics, journalists and photo-journalists whether abroad or in India who spin the yarn of “homegrown militancy in Kashmir” and of “local resistance” must address the following questions.

If militancy and jihad are supposedly the answer of the common man, why are the families of these misguided youth facing shame and dejection within their community? If the claims made by the spin doctors are true, these youth and their families should be celebrated by the society as the upholders of the so-called “cause”.

Ground reports reveal that this is evidently not the case. Why has the home-grown militancy and the local resistance been rejected by the society? Why are the family members of the killers refused dignity within the village? Why do the family members of the killers face shame?

The reason is that the Kashmir society has rejected violence. The Kashmir society is refusing to normalize killings. The misguided youth are brainwashed by Pakistan’s terror operatives, and are pushed into militancy. They are soon identified by the police or the security agencies, and neutralized. But their families are being made to pay the price for the fall from grace.


Khonmoh, Srinagar Outskirts

Father Of Hybrid Militant Tells His Story Of Shame

“I am ashamed to go out. I can’t walk with my head high in the village”


“What did you do? Who told you? What was his fault?” Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Wants To Ask His Son, Now Dead

In Kashmir’s close-knit communities, social respect is a huge factor. All big and small decisions taken by individuals are based on one major consideration – one must not do anything that makes one lose dignity in society.

In Khonmoh, a village on the outskirts of Srinagar, the family of Saqib Khan is distressed that it has lost dignity. Saqib’s father Mushtaq Ahmad Khan cries that he is ashamed to go out. “I can’t walk with my head high in the village,” says the distraught man.

Mushtaq also cannot forgive his son Saqib for killing Sameer Ahmad Bhat, a local sarpanch, at his home in Khonmoh. The 17-year-old shot Sameer point blank at his house. He has been allowed easy entry into the house because the family recognized him as a local boy. He told one of the family members that he wanted to see the Sarpanch about permission for some electricity poles.

In Khonmoh, people still cannot believe that a boy who had grown up among them, played and frolicked among them, had walked up to ruthlessly kill a fellow villager. Even Saqib’s family members admit that he had no personal experience that would have initiated him to cold-bloodedly murder a man.

There is increasing realization in Kashmir that this is what Pakistan is doing to the Kashmiris. It is hunting on teenagers to make them killers and murderers. The indoctrination machine of Pakistan keeps brainwashing vulnerable boys who are still in their teens. Some are used as Over Ground Workers. Others are groomed to be killers.

A former militant told KASHMIR CENTRAL that boys are brainwashed into believing that they are part of some great project to save Islam and save Kashmir. “There are no small acts of violation of law that are given to these boys. They are instantly pushed into murder. After that, their being caught by the police is only a question of time. For Pakistan and its terror operators here, the Kashmiri life does not matter,” says the former militant.

Sadly, the teenagers caught in Pakistan’s terror tentacles are too young to realize the gravity of their actions. Parents are left behind to cry and wail, and hang their head in shame that their son killed a fellow man.


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