Geelani should have been an imam of some small mosque


Unfortunately, we have to put up with such people: Late Abdul Gani Lone 

Altaf Qadri

Late Lone Sb came to Pakistan to attend the marriage ceremony of his son Sajad. Being among his well wishers, I invited him and his few friends like Mr. Vaid jee, Krishan Dave Sethi and some more for dinner at my home.

My relationship with Lone Sb was that of an admirer. I greatly admired his political acumen and courage. As a person, Lone Sb was great company. One could learn so much from him.

Altaf Qadri

I believe that he had a good opinion about me. After dinner, he stayed with me till the late hours of the night. With them was also a Kashmiri Pandit. He was a journalist but his actual mission was to be a snitch for IB. Vaid ji and Sethi Sb were not participating in the conversation. I continued to ask Lone Sb about many things related to Kashmir politics.

All of a sudden, Vaid ji asked me to show him the restroom. As I took him out, Vaid ji told me that I should be careful in front of that Pandit. I got the point and waited till his departure.

After the Pundit left, I asked Lone Sb about Sheikh Abdullah and many other politicians of yesteryears. He gave me his honest opinion about all of them, which perhaps may never come out in the public. Anyways those people were of no significance to me. I followed the Hurriyat leaders with interest.

Most of you must be aware that Lone Sb was a very sharp and keen political observer. I asked him about Mr. Geelani.

Lone Sb said, “He is a typical Molvi. He should have been an imam of some small mosque. Unfortunately we have to put up with such people. It is a very difficult task.”

Many people know it fully well that it was Lone Sb who managed the admission of Geelani Sb’s elder son in the medical college. Lone Sb told me, “I went personally to convince sheikh Abdullah for it.

Mr Geelani was in possession of great luck but I think there was something that God didn’t like in him.

Otherwise with the opportunities that showed up on his way, he would have long outpaced Sheikh Abdullah from Kashmir history. Unfortunately as all other leaders he preferred to be a second fiddle rather than the master of his destiny. Once the dust of the current mess will take some shape, his role will not be appreciated by the historians. If I am not being dishonest Jamat i Islami is not fit for any politics. Their self-contradictions are enormous which outshines their best qualities as well. I don’t say it because of my own liking or disliking. If by any accident I were a member of that outfit? The first question I would try to enquire about is – Why is it that at the end of the game, either we’re executed like Morsi in Egypt or Gulbadan Hakmatyaar kicked out from Afghanistan, or some hanged in Bangladesh or never been appreciated by the people of Pakistan to find out a way to Pakistan Parliament. There after all must be something that pulls us down. This point must bother their new generation. Although the answer to this question is very simple. They should consider to break away from the politics and pursue good work in social and religious affairs.

No state can be run by religious beliefs. A state is to be run by politics alone.

It shifts its gears at every moment. That is why other political parties prove to be successful than the religious parties in the field of politics.”

A State Cannot Be Run By Religious Beliefs

India is experimenting religious beliefs in politics on its own peril. Most of the religions have a tendency to look backwards rather than looking forward. Thereby, they are pulling against the time which knows only how to move forward. As a consequence, the power of time and space grinds them into complete irrelevance. When Modi promises Indians to establish Ram Raj he implies by that to drive them back into 5000 years. Similarly when Imran Khan says Medina ke riyasat, that means to take them 1400 years backwards.

Quite a few days ago Mr Salahudin Sb issued a videotape on social media asking Kashmiris not to worry. Mr Salahudin as a person is a very respectable and honest man. I have nothing against him whatsoever. His company is a real treat to enjoy. One must know that his appearance doesn’t reflect his charm and jovial being. Unfortunately, he possesses a very weak personality. At times he can’t put his foot down and negotiate his demands from a position of strength.

If I had his position? I would have never allowed Kashmir to become the present mess. Couple of years ago we were working with important people. A plan for Kashmir settlement was under discussion. Regardless of our political and ideological differences we were trying to provide Mr Saluhudin a role. As having some understanding of Mr Saluhudin, I thought it wise that before we move ahead. We must reach out to him. So I called my friend Mr Saleem Haroon Sb to see him personally and discuss the possibility of his involvement. I wasn’t so hopeful. The answer I received from him was not otherwise of my understanding.

Our friends and leaders must know that extending false hope to people doesn’t amount to helping them. It will throw them further deep into the pit of despondency. The consequences of that approach make us like jokers in the eyes of the people and the international community. It is time that we become serious about the situation and take a role of leaders rather than being simple pawns.

The playing drama of such video messages would barely strike any positive outpouring. We will have to form a plan in which Kashmiris will have a prominent role to play.

Now Pakistan is asking us to keep on crying for human rights violations. Human rights is not an issue but a mere consequence of the issue. The real thing is to solve the problem and not the reflection of it. If we are being told to keep beating about the reflections then our role is nothing but a propagandist of this country or of the other.

A leader is supposed to have some sense of duty to his people.

Most of our leaders or even people express their disenchantment to international community. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Whenever the international community tried to engage Kashmiris, the Kashmiris told them to talk to Pakistan first. Or that India should concede to the disputed nature of the Kashmir. On the contrary, Pakistan never put forth any such conditions. The result of it turned out to be that international community decided to bypass the Kashmiris. In other words, the Kashmiris fell on their own sword.


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