Good Governance Is The Way Forward


Time and again, the reminder has been received from various quarters that good governance is perhaps the best solution to address the challenges faced in Kashmir. Sincere efforts have been made by top quarters of the LG Administration to ensure that good governance is delivered. But this message is yet to percolate down to the lower levels of the Administration.

I have maintained at multiple fora that the Kashmir conflict is essentially a perception management challenge. Radicalization poses a severe challenge to the security of the Indian state.  The alienation is not physical – it is in the minds. Kashmiris are an aspirational and ambitious race. They look for avenues and opportunities everywhere. But the sense of alienation does not fade away.

It is only good governance in various sectors that can effectively deal with this feeling of alienation at ground level. The Kashmiris are ready to leave the past behind and move on. The Administration must provide the handholding to facilitate the forward movement.

Many areas of Kashmir still face infrastructural challenges. An honest survey needs to pinpoint the areasmost in need of governance interventions, and take remedial measures accordingly.

I recently read in a national newspaper about awards announced for good governance at national level. More and more such role models need to be developed within Kashmir. More and more of such success stories need to be developed within Kashmir.


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