Grandson of Syed Ali Geelani Is Pleading The State To Restore His Job


Fact Check: Same Family Left No Stone Unturned To Reject India And Its Constitution, Organized Violence And Mayhem Against State For Decades

Anees-ul-Islam, the grandson of late Syed Ali Geelani, is petitioning the Government of India to restore his job with the Government of India, seeking relief under the Constitution of India which is grandfather and his entire family rejected all his life. Geelani and Co and Family did not just reject India and its Constitution and the Government. Geelani and Co And Family organized violence and mayhem in Kashmir in order to reject India. Geelani and Co and Family, with the active collaboration of Jamaat e Islami, indoctrinated and radicalized generations of Kashmiris so that they would grow up to be stone pelters, OGWs and militants. Geelani and Co and Family gave the slogan of “no education till liberation” through the length and breadth of the valley for the children of poor Kashmiris.

It is supremely ironical that people called Syed Ali Geelani ne jukne walana bikna wala leader. Here is his grandson, Anees-ul-Islam seeking the restoration of his job with the Government of India after the termination of his services.

Anees Ul Islam First Among Dismissed Employees To Plead Restoration Of Services

Anees ul Islam was the 17th government employee whose services were terminated by the LG administration for their anti-national antecedents and activities under Article 311a (c). The services of around 25 government servants in Jammu and Kashmir have been terminated so far under the aforementioned provision of the Constitution for their involvement directly or indirectly in activities detrimental to the security of the state. Let this be noted. Anees-ul-Islam is the first to challenge the termination of his services in a court of law. None of the employees whose services were terminated before Anees have challenged the order in any court of law. The fact that Anees ul Islam has chosen to do so reflects on the duplicity of the grandson and the family of Syed Ali Geelani. How conveniently Geelani and Family take refuge and seek an injunction from the same constitution and the same laws enacted by the same Assembly and the same Parliament which his family and he denounced always. For more than 30 years, common Kashmiris were provoked by this family to wage war against the Constitution and the laws which govern the state.

How Geelani Greedily Accepted Govt Job For Grandson Even As He Sacrificed Poor Youth For ‘The Cause’

Geelani rushed to accept a government job and secure life for his grandson while he was sacrificing the sons of poor Kashmiris for the so-called Kashmir cause. The appointment of Aneel ul Islam in the middle of the 2016 agitation should have served as an eye-opener for Kashmir society. It should have thoroughly exposed the dubious character of the so-called ne jukne walana bikna wala tall leader of the masses. Anees-ul- Islam’s appointment should have shattered the faith of those who believed in Geelani.

Rattled by the agitation of 2016 that followed the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen poster boy Burhan Wani, then chief minister Mehbooba Mufti is believed to have struck a deal with Syed Ali Geelani through his son in law Altaf Ahmad Shah alias Altaf Fantoosh. It was reported that Geelani agreed to end the violent agitation and ease pressure on the government by bringing down the level of violence in return for a suitable government job for his grandson Anees ul Islam. Subsequently, Anees ul Islam was appointed as Research Officer in Shere-i-Kashmir International Convention Centre (SKICC), which was under the administrative control of the Jammu And Kashmir Tourism Department. Geelani agreed to de-escalate the agitation which had by then consumed the lives of near-about 150 persons. Most of them were of the age of Anees-ul-Islam. In other words, Geelani sold 150 lives for one government job for his grandson. Tragically, the eye-sight of a hundred persons was lost due to the pellet injuries caused during the violent protests. All these were sacrificed by the double-dealing so-called leader for the post of Research Officer in SKICC for his grandson. The emotionally vulnerable Kashmiris realized his double-dealing too late, and the response was equally mute. Any unbiased observer would say that this single action of Geelani was the biggest and worst sell out of all the so-called sellouts since 1947 in the history of Kashmir.

When people commonly talk of sellout in Kashmir, they attribute it to Sheikh Abdullah. But Sheikh neither approved bloodshed nor indulged in bloodbath.

How Geelani Capitulated To A Few Stones Thrown At His Residence

Yet another incident proves how Geelani and Co and Family used the people of Kashmir for their personal ends. Burhan Wani was killed on July 8, 2016. On July 10, just two days after the killing, a group of civil society members and journalists met Geelani at his residence.

They urged him to impress upon the violent stone pelters to spare the ambulances ferrying critical patients, to avoid attacking police stations and avoid destroying public properties like schools, hospitals, and bridges. On this, Geelani issued a statement to a local news agency. The news agency readily released his statement. This statement made some stone-pelters furious, They pelted a few stones at Geelani’s residence. Ne jukne wala Geelani took no time to cave in. He promptly issued another statement to the media that he had no issued any such statement to the news agency. The leader who could not stand by his statement for the fear of two or three stones thrown at his residence would always demand hot blood of young blooming Kashmiris for the “cause”. This so-called leader finally ended the agitation for a government job for his grandson.

Now see how devoted and how loyal the family is to the cause. Now after being terminated from government services, the grandson is pleading that his services be restored by the Government of India.

The Anti-India Activities Of Anees-ul-Islam

Credible sources confirm that prior to his appointment in government service, Anees ul Islam used to facilitate the operations of drones in and around Srinagar city with a team of his anti-India friends. The drones were used to shoot live footage of law and order incidents and other events that could be used as content for anti-India propaganda by ISI. Such activities of clearly indicate the hidden agenda of Anees ul Islam being carried out on the behest of his close family members who were at the forefront of fomenting terrorism in the UT of J&K.

The clouds of suspicion on the security concern of Anees ul Islam also can be weighed from the fact that the issuance of his passport was stamped as ‘not recommended by the state intelligence apparatus (CID) in 2008. However, taking advantage of the gaps and weaknesses in the system, Anees ul Islam succeeded in his maneuvers and secured a passport on the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of J&K to visit foreign countries.


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