On March 6 two youth riding scooty lobbed hand grenade at the crowded Amira kadal marketplace. 42 people were injured. Two of later succumbed to their injuries. It was the third incident of grenade being lobbed at the same spot in the last two years. Srinagar police acted swiftly and with the help of CCTV footages collected from as many as hundred CCTV cameras nabbed the culprits. Lobbing grenades at crowded markets has emerged as a new pattern. The rush gives perpetrators of crime advantage to escape from the scene of crime.

There have been instances when these perpetrators didn’t leave the site of the crime, rather watched the scenes of destruction, chaos, and death by standing at a distance. After every grenade blasts, the usual statement from the police and security forces is, “the militants/terrorists lobbed a grenade at a security installation which missed the target and exploded nearby resulting  in death and destruction and injuries to many.” Security agencies never tried to grasp the simple fact that why would terrorist at first place lob a grenade at a crowded spot. These statements churned out in a similar with similar wording for decades missed the point that they  inadvertently  exonerate the perpetrators of such crimes.

The grenade lobbying at a market place has a definite pattern. It is intentional and deliberate. Such an act has definite news value. It is a purely terrorist act aimed to intimidate people and propagate terrorist ideology which is inimical to the State. The security agencies by using the word “grenade missed the target” miss the point for squarely blaming, defaming, and shaming terrorists for these acts.  The usage of word “missed the target” give space for conspiracy theories and deflects the blame from terrorists to security agencies.

Grenade throwing is a simple and plain fact.  Whether grenades misses the intended target or not it eventually results in destruction and death. It undermines the writ of the State. Security agencies are tasked to uphold the security and also pinpoint its enemies who need to be pointed even in its statement.


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