How The Daughter Of CUK Registrar Got Admission To MBBS In Pakistan


Pakistan offers a sponsored quota for Kashmiri students under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP). For many years now, as part of this quota, hundreds of relatives of ex-militants, active militants, or pro-Pakistan sympathizers in Jammu and Kashmir have been admitted to MBBS in medical institutions in Pakistan on the recommendations of separatist leaders.

One of the Kashmiri youngsters who secured admission to MBBS in Pakistan is Simrah Afzal Zargar, the daughter of Prof Afzal Zargar, the Registrar of Central University of Kashmir. Simran was allotted an MBBS seat in Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore. The seat was given to Simrah in lieu of the killing of Prof Zargar’s brother-in-law (wife’s brother), a hardcore militant. He was killed by the Army. Simrah was admitted to the MBBS course in Pakistan on the recommendation letter given by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the Chairman of Hurriyat Conference. The recommendation was managed by Prof Mehrajudin Mir, former vice-chancellor of Central University of Kashmir. Prof Mir has family ties some members of the Mirwaiz-led Awami Action Committee.

Prof Mir’s sister is married in Pakistan. She often visits him here in Kashmir. She is also the local guardian of Prof Zargar’s daughter’s in Pakistan. Simrah Afzal Zargar, the daughter of Central University Registrar Prof Afzal Zargar, is a member of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace in Pakistan (IFMSA). The presence of Kashmiris on all Pakistani or Pakistan-supported panels that are used for India bashing is highly prioritized by ISI. Kashmiris who have chosen to peddle the Pakistan narrative on these forums have been lavishly bankrolled by ISI.


Prof Mohammad Afzal Zargar is working as the Registrar of Central University of Kashmir (CUK) for the second term. As the Registrar, he is a member of various statutory and decision-making bodies of Central University of Kashmir including the Executive Council, Academic Council, University Building Committee (UBC), and Planning and Monitoring Board. Earlier, Prof Zargar was working as Head, Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry. For five years, he was the Chief Proctor in the University of Kashmir.


Prof Zargar has visited Pakistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) many times in the recent past for meeting his daughter. Sources say that Prof Zargar did not seek the permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for visiting Pakistan, which is mandatory for every government employee. Sources reveal that Prof Mir too visited Pakistan many times along with his wife to meet his relatives who are settled in Pakistan and POK, without seeking the permission from MHA. Sources add that Prof Mir tried his best to set up a campus of Central University of Kashmir at POK to facilitate his regular visits there. He let go of his efforts only after he was categorically reprimanded by GOI for his lofty plans.


National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating the triangular nexus of terrorists, the Hurriyat, and the Pakistan establishment for patronizing Kashmiri students to prepare a generation of pro-Pakistan doctors and technocrats in Kashmir. NIA has termed this as an “alternative mechanism” for the funding of terror groups. Reportedly NIA is also probing the nexus of Prof Afzal Zargar, Prof Mehrajudin Mir, Hurriyat, and Pakistan.

Central University of Kashmir is also probing the case involving Prof Zargar.

 When contacted by KASHMIR CENTRAL, Prof Afzal Zargar said that he would respond to the questions shared with him regarding the charges. Later he chose not to respond.


It is well-known about Prof Afzal Zargar that he never stood up in honour of the national anthem whenever it was played in any function. He started standing up for the national anthem only after he applied for the post of Vice-Chancellor of Central University of Kashmir in July 2021. There was no national flag at any post in the Central University of Kashmir before July 2021. A very small flag has now been erected in an isolated place at the University. This was done after Prof Zargar and the then vice-chancellor Prof Mir were reprimanded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development about erecting the national flag on the campus of Central University of Kashmir. Sources reveal that Prof Zargar spends much of his time these days talking to Kashmir’s power brokers, seeking their support for assuming the position of vice-chancellor of Central University of Kashmir.


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