How The Land Grabbing In Harwan Started


Rules Changed For Madam Mufti. The Rest Followed

 During the second stint of PDP rule in Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbboba Mufti and her powerful coterie decided to construct residences in Syedpora Chattarhama area of Harwan. About 30 percent land was purchased and seventy percent land was grabbed illegally for their residential accommodation.

Mehbooba’s coterie that joined her for Project Harwan included Baldev Singh, MD and CEO of Peaks Auto Private Limited; Farooq Amin, owner of Kanwal Spices; SSP Aijaz Bhat and former ADGP Muneer Khan. All of them had been involved in fraudulent transfers from the CM Discretionary Fund. Now they joined Mehbooba for land grab in the prime areas of Harwan. Mehbooba and Co purchased milqiyat land in Harwan as part of the project. In addition, the powerful and influential clique also purchased the grazing lands and state land in Harwan. As per state laws, these common lands cannot be sold or purchased.

The grazing lands and state lands were made available to Mehbooba and Co with the help of then Divisional Commissioner Srinagar Baseer Khan with the help of Tehsildar Harwan Dr Haroon Rashid. In the supervision of the Divisional Commissioner and the Tehsildar, the nomenclature of this land was changed. This grazing land was extended illegally to Khasra Number 1096 and 1097, which originally only consisted of milqiyat land. In March 2020, Dr Haroon Rashid retrieved 45 kanals of government land from illegal occupation in three areas of Harwan. The drive was confined to the locals. It did not impact Mufti and Co. According to revenue officers, the documents have been falsified to such an extent that now they are not able to demarcate between the Milqiyat land in this area, and land under Dafa Paanch (Section 5) or Ghas Charaye (Section 4) land here.

Mufti’s land is registered in the name of her sister Dr. Mehmooda Syed, who lives in the US. Mufti’s close relative, KAS officer Riyaz Wani helped her in purchasing the land.


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