Hum Na Idhar Ke Rahe Na Udhar Ke


Hum Na Idhar Ke Rahe Na Udhar Ke

For The First Time

Audio Recordings Of Men Who Had Gone To POK For Arms Training, Terror War In Kashmir

‘We Have No Shelter, No Food For Children, No Money For Their Education’

Gayatri Mohan

For the first time, audio recordings have surfaced of the recent talks of Kashmiri men who had gone to Pakistan for arms training and engaging in terror war against India.

Within the terror circles, it has been known that these men are living lives of poverty and hardship in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. In these audio clips, they speak of their pain. They say that they are forced to do menial labour to support their family. Their children are forced to sleep hungry. They have no shelter for their children and no money to support their education.

The men note with bitterness and regret that there is no one to stand up for them. They say again and again that Pakistan Army must increase their allowance, because hundreds among them are not able to eke out a living. “Only those managed to construct a house here who sold their house back in Kashmir. Others have no shelter. Our children are not able to study. Will they be forced to pick up guns tomorrow?” questions one of these men in bitterness and pain.

These men were part of various terror groups like HizbulMujahideen, Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Mohammad and other organizations. Many of them came to India to carry out terror-related violence and went back. About 20 per cent of them are still active and hold positions in the ISI network. Only they are supported by ISI. The rest have been left stranded.


A Former Militant Speaks To KASHMIR CENTRAL

Gayatri Mohan

In the 1990s, Pakistan handed guns in the hands of Kashmiri youth. Many were killed. Many moved to Pakistan so that militancy could be supported here. ISI honey-trapped Kashmiri youth and convinced them to stay in Pakistan so that the war against India could be waged.

ISI committed to those men that we shall take care of your needs. It was the mistake of the Kashmiri youth that they came in ISI’s words. Now they live in POK but they have no fundamental rights, no human rights, no national rights as citizens. Leave aside education, they don’t have food or shelter for their children. Their voice is always suppressed.

In the WhatsApp conversation, these men say again and again that they living like slaves and they have no option but to continue with this life. They talk about how shabbily Pakistan has treated them. They have no haisiyat. They are ghulam and dar-badar. They don’t have proper houses. They don’t have money to feed their children. They don’t have money to educate their children.

The bitterness of these men is at peak. They are struggling to stay alive. These are the men who had set out to do jihad for Kashmir 20 to 30 years ago. They say that now, they have to seek basic support to live.

Pakistan cannot make space for an honourable life for a few hundred Kashmiris. He is a fool who thinks that Pakistan will ever care for Kashmir.

Vo kis nazar se humein dekh rahe hain. Un ke saamnehamari auqat kya hai – the Kashmiris living in POK reveal the real face of Pakistan.

They live in tents. They are demanding pucca houses so that their children have roof and shelter. These Kashmirisare not interested in any scheme of ISI now. They have realized the real face of ISI. Their desperation is visible and they don’t want to get entangled in any ISI ploy.

They say that even if they tell their local leaders about their problems, it will not help matters. The local leaders get money from ISI to keep their mouth shut.

These dejected Kashmiris say in the audio notes that they must pool in whatever money they have to buy rickshaws or set up small shops so that they can earn some money.

The following pages carry the transcript of these audio notes in English.

Hum dar-badar Hain

Ek Chhat Ka Masla Hai

Beti ro rahi thhi ki vo kehwa chai pi kar so gayi

1. Asalmualikum warahmatullah hi wabarakata hu. TanveerBhai you are absolutely right. Please listen to my words carefully. I am talking about this from the first day. Whatever has to be done. Just now we received a message from one of oursaathi that his daughter weeps at night due to hunger. She only had kehwa in dinner. Please tell that those who whom we people consider as our Qaid – what have they done for us? They will do nothing. They don’t have any kind of problem. They are people of high status. They won’t stand for long in the hot sun for you and me. They feel insulted in doing so. Their own children are studying in big and reputed colleges and universities. No one is here to talk for us. They are not ready to do this. Whatever is to be done, we ourselves have to do it. I am agreed 100% with you. Whatever you have said, I too wish that.

Kashmiris Sacrificed Everything For Pakistan But Got Nothing


2. Asalmualikum warahmatullah hi wabarakata hu. I want to throw some light on this thing. Look – Kashmiris have sacrificed everything for Pakistan. Lives, property, children and the honour of women – we have sacrificed everything for the glory of Pakistan. A Kashmiri sacrificed his life for Pakistan, he chose to wrap his dead body in the national flag of Pakistan and not in a shroud.

We left our homes, we sacrificed everything for Pakistan. If anybody is listening to us, please carry our message to the authorities. It is their responsibility to look and care for the downtrodden families of the Mujahideens who left Kashmir to sacrifice their lives as the soldiers of Pakistan. They left their family and relatives to become soldiers for Pakistan. They wasted years and years for the cause. Now it is duty of the government to look for our basic needs.

See we are living here. Our children will live here. We have left our homes. We left our properties and everything in Indian Kashmir. But now here we are living as nomads. We left everything there and here also we have nothing.

We have piles of problems and challenges. The government should look into our issues. It is not necessary that we should raise our demands again and again.

We also are humans. Pakistan had taken the responsibility of every Kashmiri Mahajreen and Refugees. We were not labelledas international Mahajreens by Pakistan. If the Government had done so, it would have weakened their claim on Azad Kashmir.

This is the reality. Kashmiris have whole heartedly sacrificed themselves for Pakistan. Now the time has come that our grievances and demands should be addressed as soon as possible. There is no other way beyond this. All Kashmirisshould be treated in a fair manner. It should not be done that the child of one will be in a good position. And the child of other Kashmiris will be beggars.

We should not remain ghulam only, we should not always be dar-badar only. It should not be so that our children are dar-badar. They are forced to remain khanabadosh. And the children of some others will become professionals.

This is not the matter of some few families. It is the matter of thousands of families of Kashmiris here.

Will our children have to pick up guns In future or live a life of crime? When you will not provide education to our children,what will they do tomorrow? What will happen to them?

So it is our request that our basic needs like shelter should be provided to us. Survival allowance should be provided. Our dearness allowances should be increased which the Government had promised. It should be approved so that we can educate our children.

Whatever we have received till date – it is because we have worked on our own to earn some money. Otherwise it was impossible even to admit our children in schools if we have not done local labour. The amount of rent and the other expenses – all these we have to bear. Whatever we receive is spent on these expenses.

We don’t have other sources to generate money and to educate our children or to build our houses. If someone has constructed the house here, it is because they have sold their properties in Indian Kashmir.



The Eyes And Ears Of People Are Opening. People Have Started Speaking


3. Asalmualikum. If they are sympathetic to us, let them do something for us on their own level and position. Let them do something.  Till now they did nothing. It is not visible to us thatanything has been done, or whether they want to do something. Please do something. With Bismillah please do something.Come come on ground level and do something for us. Now eyes of people are opening. Their ears are also opening . People have started speaking. Let them do something for us if they are able to do.

Rest with the help of this forum you will hope that if we elected somebody as General Secretary, somebody as Chairman and someone else on other post, they will solve our problems. If the same faces are bought before us again, then I am not the part of this thing. I am just not part of this thing.


Nobody Knows The Zulm Happening On Us Here


4. Asalmualikum warahmatullah hi wabarakata hu , ZulfikarBhai. Don’t even think. If 400 people are present in this group,all the 400 of them belong to below average poverty line. They don’t have resources. Here 95% Mujaideens and Mahajreens are those who did not have their own houses to live in. Theek hai?   Why will our Qaids and our leaders fight for us? Why will they go for hunger strikes for us? Why will they protest for us? Why will they assemble and register their protest in front of Assembly?

Then the whole world will look and stand what zulm is happening to Kashmiri Mujaideen and Muhajereen  in Pakistan or in Azad Kashmir. That the Kashmiri muhajreen and Mujaideen are not even given the basic rights. Why should the leaders do it? In ko kya chatti padi hai? It is not the compulsionof these leaders.

They are keeping their mouths shut and are not speaking for us because they are getting everything. Their wishes, rewards and other perks.

Why will they fight for the rights of my children, for the rights of your children? They will not. They will never do this. Don’t even think about it. We have to do it on our own now or never.

There is no need to feel scared of anything. All of us who are here – we don’t have to be ghulam all our life. We don’t have to force our people here to live on crutches all their life.

I suggest they should call a meeting immediately. A strong managing body should be formed. That body will fight for our challenges and resolve them. Right? Rest if we will say that person or any other person will look to our matters – no. I suggest that there is no need to include those people in these groups. Let youngsters come to the front.


Let Us Help Our Poor Brothers Ourselves


5. Asalmualikum warahmatullah. Muzamil Aslam sahab and others who are the part of this forum. I request every member. There is no need to argue on WhatsApp groups. Nothing can be achieved with this. We may stay engaged with this talk all the time but it will not yield anything. It will remain zero bata zero.

Do practical work and whatever you want to do on ground level.

Donate Rs 1000, 100, according to the capacity of the person. Try to do something concrete to uplift the Mujaideens and Muhajreens. Try to help those poor people whose children suffer in poverty. Make a list and help them practically on groundlevel. Arguing on whatsapp groups has no meaning at all.

The authorities of Jihadi Council and Hurriyat Conference have done nothing at all for us till this time. They will not do anything in future. What is to be done, you members in the group have to do it by yourself. Help yourself and help others.

If not, let the things remain what they are. Don’t waste time of people.

Please do meherbani. Please do meherbani. Call the meeting after a gap of one week. Muzaffarabad is our central as well as base camp. We all should get gather there. We will make list of things that we need to do. Like how our survival allowance will be approved. How mujaids are to be helped. How will we make mujaihids stand on their own their feet. How will we set up small businesses for them. How will we open shops for them. How will we buy some rickshaws for them that they can pull to earn some money.

We can do many more things. But we don’t do it. We only talk. Please contribute as per your capacity. If you have Rs 100, Ifyou have Rs 1000 – give whatever you have. The river forms by small drops… Right?


In a period of one year, we can help a number of people sustain. We will make them stand by their own by giving them small businesses. It is time of price rise. We don’t have to waste our time in just making arguments with each other. Do practical work at ground level. If any responsibility is given to anybody,he must complete it. Inshallah he will pledge to keep his promise. Meherbani karein, work in a solution-oriented manner. There is no point indulging in WhatsApp debates for the whole day.


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