In UK, I Am Watching Those Who Feed On Kashmir


In UK, I Am Watching Those Who Feed On Kashmir

Their business is thriving; they will never allow Kashmir to be normal

Kashmir is a region caught between strong colliding external political forces. It is a region under persistent stress, marred by violent conflict since three decades. London has become a convergence point for lobbying around the respective notional narratives.

During my short stay at London over the last week of July and early August, I have addressed many events and met a cross-section of people, including Members of Parliament from both Conservative and Labour parties. I have found that most conflict beneficiaries have converged in London, selling half truths in one of the most expensive cities of the world in Pounds and Euros. Kashmir is flourishing business here, particularly for the Kashmiri diaspora on both sides of the divide.

It is agonizing to watch that the pain of the victims of violence in Kashmir is being sold here in London for a few bucks. This reminds me of a conversation at the High court Bar Association in Srinagar a few years ago. I had said there that every Kashmiri head has been sold out by the brokers not only to India and Pakistan but at many other places in the world. Watching the show in London, I stand reaffirmed.

I am watching how the miseries and agonies of the people of Kashmir are being harvested as a ripe fruit and sold in the London market. Many brokers are from the Indian part of Kashmir. Each one of them had left Kashmir long before the eruption of violent militancy in 1990. They play victimhood and pile up money.

After my interaction with many British MPs, I found that this intelligent race which ruled the world for hundreds of years has been duped by conflict entrepreneurs. Mirpuris, particularly from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, are professionally trained to sell lies for the valued Great Britain Pound (GBP). Barring my first cousin who has a flourishing business here, whoever I met of Kashmiri origin is into conflict business. For how long will Kashmiris be sold for Euros, Pounds and Dollars? It makes me deeply sad to realize that the hordes of people thriving on this business will never allow Kashmir to be normal.


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