It Is Never Late 


The civil and military institutions in Kashmir are now celebrating and commemorating what should have their practice since long.

Chinar Corp recently celebrated the 75th year of Shalteng victory with much fervor. People in hundreds participated in the celebrations. The Army re-enacted the battle of November 7, 1947, fought with the Pakistani tribal raiders. This battle finally led to the fleeing of tribal raiders from Kashmir. But tragically, the raiders had indulged in loot, arson, rape, and killing of hundreds of Kashmiri men and women, particularly in Uri, Baramullah, and the northern outskirts of Srinagar.

The Shalteng battle was fought decisively by the Army, which had just landed in Kashmir with the support of local population. It was the time when slogans of  Hamla aawar khabardar, hum Kashmiri hein tayar would reverberate in the air. The great son of the soil Maqbool Sherwani was just 19 at that time. Thinking strategically and intelligently, Sherwanimisguided the tribal invaders and delayed their March towards Srinagar airport. Sherwani was later killed by the invaders mercilessly.

November 7 was never remembered in Kashmir, and the memories faded away. Not many Kashmiris, particularly from the younger generation, know about the significance of November 7. It was never part of the history books taught in schools and colleges. Instead, selective, subjective and distorted historical events were imprinted on minds. Is it too late or it is never late? The carnage caused by the Pakistani tribals in Kashmir, the support of the Kashmiris for the Army and the decisive victory should have been part of our collective memory. This is not the only historical event which the civil and military administration is commemorating. Many things have been revived during the last couple of years. Our history can make us understand Pakistan’s vicious play in Kashmir. The Persian (Farsi) idiom frequently used in Urdu fits here – Deir aayed durust aayed. It is never late.


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