J&K Panchayat Elections to be Held in November-December: State Election Commissioner

B R Sharma, State Election Commissioner


Recently appointed State Election Commissioner for Jammu and Kashmir, Braj Raj Sharma on Tuesday said that panchayat elections will be held in J&K in the month of November-December this year while preparation for the same are underway.

Sharma made these remarks during an interview with a national television channel, stating, “The Basic Voter list process has already been revised, and a special revision will be conducted to thoroughly verify any uncertainties or doubts.”

“So, if the tenure ends on January 10, 2024, then elections must be held by December 10, and the entire process for holding the elections be conducted by October-November, 2023. The laws have been notified accordingly,” Sharma said. “Since the Panchayats were constituted in December 2018 and January 2019, we must conduct their elections before the expiry of their tenure. Therefore, it is expected that elections will be held between November and December this year.”

He further clarified that the upcoming elections will be conducted on a non-party basis. The tenure of the previous panchayat representatives, which was constituted in 2018, will be completed by the end of this year and the beginning of the next year.

It is evident that the elections will be held in mid-November to December of this year, as preparations are currently underway, he added.


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