Kashmir ready to host G20 Summit 2023


Kashmir ready to host G20 Summit 2023  

What makes Kashmir unique in the world despite disturbances and disruptions is the hospitality of its people and its culture of inclusiveness and tolerance. Our culture and ethos have been dealt a severe blow by the extremist forces, but we continue to hold high the values of inclusiveness and tolerance.

Earlier this week, I was invited for a function organized by India Economic Trade Organization (IETO) to celebrate Independence Day with some Ambassadors and Diplomats at New Delhi. I noted during my address that Kashmir is keen to host the G20 Summit next year, and people are enthusiastic about the Summit.

About two months ago, there were feelers that the next G20 Summit may be held in Kashmir. While this was later not confirmed, it led to a positive feeling in the valley.

If the Summit is organized in Kashmir, it shall open up new opportunities for the people of the region. The preparation for hosting the Summit would mean huge investment for the upliftment of the capital city and the outskirts.

If the heads of 20 most powerful and developed countries converge at Srinagar, it shall be an unprecedented historic opportunity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of physical and social  infrastructural development and huge investment. The government must consider this proposal favourably for the long-term benefit of the region.


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