Kashmir Terrorism – Façade For an Elaborate Mafia : Deals Between Politicians And Terrorists Common


2014: Abdul Majeed Larmi of National Conference Struck Deal With Local Hizbul Chief For Electoral Victory

Terrorism in Kashmir is the façade for an elaborate mafia. Terrorist groups in Kashmir are organized crime syndicates. Drug trafficking, extortions from leading businessmen, contract killings – all these have become the forte of the crime syndicates that have adopted various jihadi names to spread terror in Kashmir. The so-called Kashmir terrorism is Kashmir’s goonda raj. In the garb of the so-called resistance, crime is flourishing in Kashmir.

From the beginning, Kashmir’s politicians have nursed deep links with the mafia of Kashmir. The mafia and the politicians have enjoyed a cozy give and take relationship.

Secret Deal Between National Conference MLA And Terrorist Commander

Ahead of the 2014 Assembly elections in Kashmir, all politicians were busy in their respective constituencies, trying to gain the maximum number of votes. Abdul Majeed Larmi was nominated as the National Conference (NC) candidate from the Homeshalibugh assembly segment in Kulgam district. Jihadi and militant ideology is strongly rooted in this area. Hence terrorist commanders enjoy sway here.

Sheikh Abbas, who is now heading The Resistance Front (TRF), a terrorist group in Kashmir, was earlier with Hizbul Mujahideen 

In order to strengthen his position locally, Larmi decided to enter into a secret deal with the local commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Abbas Sheikh. Through his most trusted friends and workers, Larmi established contact with Abbas in a bid to influence the voters of the constituency. Abbas is currently the head of The Resistance Front, another terrorist group on the Kashmir landscape.

Late one night, Abbas Sheikh visited Larmi, accompanied by two of his accomplices. This happened a few days after Larmi had filed his nomination papers. A deal was signed between Larmi and Abbas. Larmi gave a handsome amount of money to the terrorist commander. In turn, Abbas promised Larmi that he would help him win the election.

The Deal Gets Leaked

Only select people close to Larmi knew about the deal with Abbas Sheikh. Among them was Zahoor Ahmad Dar, a constable with J&K Police. Dar was Larmi’s Personal Security Officer. He was the nephew of Ali Mohammad Dar, the former MLA of this Assembly segment. Dar’s father Ghulam Rasool Dar was a National Conference Sarpanch in the area.

Dar started telling his friends that Larmi’s victory was certain in the Assembly elections, because the local Hizbul commander was supporting him. The word spread in the area. The local workers of National Conference workers got elated that Larmi was sure to win. In order to draw political mileage, they started speaking publicly about the secret deal.

Following the deal with Hizbul, Larmi was getting positive response from the people. This was exactly what he wanted. But on the other hand, Abbas Sheikh started getting a bad name locally because of his deal with the National Conference candidate. People started speaking ill of Abbas that he was not a jihadi but a power broker. With this, the local support for the terrorists started eroding. This was a negative development for Abbas.

Death For Man Who Leaked The Deal 

In November 2014, Assembly elections were held in Jammu and Kashmir. Abdul Majeed Larmi won the election from the Homeshalibugh assembly segment.

On January 17, 2015, militants killed Zahoor Ahmad Dar for leaking information regarding the secret deal between the National Conference candidate and Abbas Sheikh.

Dar had been the Personal Security Officer for Larmi since 2007. Dar had sought lift from a motorcycle rider when he was attacked. The motorcyclist also sustained injuries and was hospitalized.Dar was survived by his wife, two minor children, an unmarried sister and old aged father. He became just another statistic in the mafia games of Kashmir.


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