Kashmiri chides Pakistan stooge Carin Jodha Fischer on Twitter, she blocks him


So much for the liberal values of the West!

On September 8, a media house in Kashmir reported from Sopore that residents of a village protested against the Roads and Buildings Department for failing to macadamize and repair roads from the past six years. The residents complained that the road is in dilapidated condition as the stretch has not been repaired since long.

Pained by the news, German/ American Carin Jodha Fischer tagged the news and tweeted: But they won’t protest over #Geelani Sahab who was revered in Sopore. Sorry but it makes me so angry!! A Kashmiri named Owais Nanda had a royal retort for Carin. Owais tagged her tweet and retorted: Dear Jodha, do you know as to what is the real problem of Kashmir? It’s ‘More Loyal Than The King’ syndrome. Every Tom, Dick and Harry starts to meddle in our affairs – cultural, religious, political et al. As if Kashmir can’t think, decide and act for itself. Continuing the chide, Nanda continued: Every alien takes it upon himself/herself to decide for us. Geelani Saab died. Naturally. Amidst his kith & kin. He was 92…What should be the fuss? Protest for what? Death?

How fine it would be, if we would be left alone, by every outsider, every! Life would be so regal. Here’s the icing on the cake. For all the democratic, liberal values that these so-called Kashmir experts claim, Carin Jodha Fischer blocked Owais Nanda from following or viewing her tweets. So much for liberal values! For the record, Owais Nanda is the teacher by profession, and works with the J&K Education Department. He also runs an NGO to help poor children and is involved in other social welfare activities.

Carin Jodha Fischer Is Paid By Pakistan To Malign India: sundayguardianlive.com

On her Twitter handle, Carin Jodha Fischer says she lived in Kashmir for ten years till she was exiled from there. Read below the excerpts from a report on Carin on sundayguardianlive.com

As part of their continuous focus on using “softer” methods to dent India’s image in the international forum, an elected member of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf (PTI) party, has tied up with two lobbying firms in the United States (US) in January this year with the stated agenda of mobilizing support against India in view of the “atrocities” taking place in Kashmir. The two lobbying groups (are) Kashmir Action Network (KAN) and Chinar Consulting, both based in Washington…KAN had come into existence in May 2020, the Chinar consulting group was born in January 2020. Both groups are owned by Germany born US national Carin Jodha Fischer. Fischer, as per multiple accounts, came to Kashmir in 2006 as a tourist, till she was asked to leave by the Indian government in June 2016.

For her service, the Pakistan government will be paying both these lobbying groups, owned by Fischer, a monthly fee of $3,500.00 each which translates to Pakistani Rs 11 lakh monthly or Pakistani Rs 1.32 crore annually. As per the agreement entered into by Fischer and government of Pakistan, the services provided by KEM will include grassroots advocacy mobilization related to the subject of “civil, political, and human rights violations and international law violations taking place in Indian occupied Kashmir” and “raising awareness about the complete absence of civil and democratic rights, the shrinking political rights, and the absolute crushing of the will and determination of the Kashmiri people”. For this purpose, as per the promise made by Fischer, she will try to influence the legislature and media. Similarly, the services provided by Chinar Group will include improving the Pakistan government’s relations with the US government and media.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has already hired two other US lobbying groups, BLJ Worldwide, and Linden Government Solutions, to mount an anti-India campaign in the West as reported by The Sunday Guardian earlier.


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