Kashmiri Students faces lathicahrge in DBU, blames university of tinkering with their careers


Mian Tufail

Punjab: Several students of Desh Bhagat University in Punjab were assaulted afternoon over allegations of blocking the University gate during a protest. During the protest, more than seventy students of Kashmir claimed that they had been beaten up by the Punjab Police on the directions of University Administration.

The students has been protesting over the arbitrarily decision of University in which hundreds of students were transferred to other colleges without their consent.

Shahid, a Kashmiri student talking to KC said, “We have been protesting for around three weeks after the University has illegally transferred their admissions into another nursing college which lacks INC recognition. This has put our careers at stake and we are left no way to go. When Students are not ready to leave this varsity then why administration is adamant to transfer us to these colleges.”

Before two weeks we went to the Director and asked him when our INC would come. He responded angrily and asked us to take the refund and return home. We told him we are in 3rd year right now and in October we will be starting our 4th year, what will we do? This reflects the careless attitude of our varsity” said Shahid

Tension prevailed as a clash took place between nursing students of Desh Bhagat University and the university security and the police here today. Pertinently, hundreds of Kashmiri students are studying Nursing in the same university.

Pupils had been disrupting the working of the university for the past week by locking its main gates, preventing the entry of employees.

As NAAC team reached the University for inspection and evaluation two days back, the authorities removed the protesters with the help of bouncers and cops and opened the main gate. A clash ensued and in the melee, some girl students were hurt. They were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Amloh. Agitated students gheraoed NAAC team inside the campus.

Sources said the university chancellor and team members were taken out of the campus under police security.

In a letter to Dilip Kumar, President Indian Nursing Council (INC), Jammu and Kashmir Students Association wrote that he students have been agitating against the ‘arbitrary and unilateral decision of the university.

“The matter has been ongoing since last year when approximately 500 students from the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, enrolled in various paramedical courses at Desh Bhagat University, found themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their control,” the association said.

Although the university assured the students that the matter will be resolved, it has not been addressed in the past one year. “This not only violates the established norms of the Indian Nursing Council but also places these young scholars in a precarious position regarding their education and future careers,” J-K Students Association wrote in the letter.

It claimed that Desh Bhagat University, Punjab admitted 140 students, way beyond the approved intake capacity that ranges from 40 to 60 students.

“The students, as a result, are enduring immense stress and hardship, fearing that their career prospects are being unjustly jeopardized due to the university’s actions.”

“The students have placed their trust in the Indian Nursing Council to uphold the standards and regulations that govern their education and future in the field of healthcare,” the letter read. The students group urged the council to address the matter at the earliest.


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