KU Prof obtains fake EWS certificate to secure job for daughter


KU Prof obtains fake EWS certificate to secure job for daughter

Prof Ganai submitted fake EWS certificate: KU Assistant Registrar

Sheikh Sameer

A professor of Kashmir University has obtained a fake Economically Weaker Section (EWS)
certificate in order to get a job for his daughter, who is also doing PhD under his guidance. The
gentleman in question is Prof Mohd Yosuf Ganai of the History Department at Kashmir
For decades, Kashmir University has remained in the midst of controversies over
alleged favoritism and nepotism in the appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff
members. This is another such case that has come to light.
Prof Ganai recently obtained a fake EWS certificate to enable his daughter to get a job in the
same department. As per government regulation, EWS certificate is issued to those whose
annual income from all the sources below Rs 8 lakh.
The professor obtained the pay certificate under the signature of Deputy Registrar Accounts of
Kashmir University where in his annual net salary was shown to be Rs 6,60,960 and gross salary
was shown to be Rs 7,20,300. It is to be noted that this pay certificate did not carry the seal of
the university.
The certificate was produced by Prof Ganai before Naib Tehsildar Achabal in Anantnag district,
his native place, for obtaining the EWS certificate. The certificate carried only signatures. There
was no stamp of the concerned Deputy Registrar.
Sources reveal that the matter was reported to the Registrar’s office anonymously. Following
this, the Deputy Registrar wrote a letter to the Naib Tehsildar on September 7 numbered


Subject: Verification of Last Pay Certificate issued in favour of Mohammad Yousuf Ganai

Reference: Your Letter No 515/NT/ABL/2022-23 dated 23-08-2022

In the context to above cited reference, I am to inform you that no such last pay certificate July
2022 has been issued by the office of the undersigned and may not be considered for the
Further, it is pertinent to mention here that no issuing dignitary of Deputy Registrar, Accounts,
is available in the University of Kashmir at present. Hence the certificate produced by the
concerned is fake/false needs investigation under law.


Yours Sincerely

Assistant Registrar

The letter has been copied to the following.
* Special Secretary to Vice Chancellor
*Director Finance
* Deputy Registrar, Administration Teaching Wing

The Deputy Registrar of Kashmir University raised objection regarding the EWS certificate
obtained by Prof Ganai because the professor had given wrong information regarding his
annual salary.
In addition to the government regulation regarding family income below Rs 8 lakh, any person
who seeks EWS certificate must not have own or possess five acres of agricultural land or
above, residential flat of 1000 square feet and above, residential plot of 200 square yards above
in notified municipalities, or a residential plot of 200 square yards and above in areas other
than notified municipalities by self or family.
Sources reveal that there are scores of persons who have got EWS certificates by submitting
fake income documents. In reality, their annual income exceeds the stipulated limit. These
persons offer handsome bribes to the concerned revenue officials to get the fake EWS
certificates made.

The Riches Of Prof Mohd Yosuf Ganai

In 2014, Professor Ganai filed the nomination papers for election as MLA from Shangus.
In the affidavit regarding his properties submitted to the Election Commission, Prof Ganai
claimed to have movable assets worth Rs 8.97 lakh of all family members.
According to the affidavit submitted by Prof Ganai before the Election Commission, his
immovable property includes the following.
1. Inherited land measuring 6 kanal 11 Marlas under survey No 421
2. ! kanal 3 Marlas under survey No 408 at his native place Audsoo Achabal, Anantnag.
3. Prof Ganai purchased land meausring 1 kanal under Survey No 160-165 at Batpora,
Srinagar. He constructed a house on the plot, whose market value in 2014 was stated to
be Rs 50 lakh.
4. Prof Ganai owns several kanals of unregistered land at his native place.
5. Prof Ganai owns a concrete house at his native place valued at Rs 30 lakh
In this way, Prof Ganai is living a luxurious and royal life with two palatial houses, one in
his village and the other at Batapora, Srinagar. It is extremely sad and unfortunate that
people who are considered as respected and responsible members of the society should
stoop to such low measures.
Prof Ganai retired from KU as a senior professor in July 2022. The poor people of our society
who truly deserve the EWS certificate have to run from pillar to post to get it. But influential
people like Prof Ganai pull a few strings to avail such certificates fraudulently. For such people
who enjoy influence,
Those people who are really in need of EWS have to go for formalities and verifications but it is
easy job for the influential people.
The Administration must examine the corruption in the working of the Revenue Department.
The important task of verifying the status of the applicant rests with the Patwari or some other
Revenue officer. Greedy officials make quick money by taking bribe to issue fake certificates.
Sadly, the deserving candidates have to run around for months for the documents needed by
them. Since they cannot afford to pay the officers and do not have political push, their files do
not move for months together.
Meanwhile, fake EWS holders corner seats in important competitive examinations like NEET
and other professional courses. In the NEET examination 2021, many students alleged that fake
EWS holders were part of the list. The students demanded proper verification of all candidates
who had claimed reservation. It was alleged that children of doctors and senior government
employees have produced fake EWS certificates.


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