Money Laundering is J&K’s Biggest Challenge

Money laundering undoubtedly has been the biggest challenge for the state in
Jammu and Kashmir. It has become recognised, however, only after the
abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019. Before that successive state
governments not only brushed this grave issue under the carpet but in certain
cases, it was facilitated, promoted and protected by those who were in power.
The gravity of the issue can be comprehended from the fact that the level of
violence has gone down to zero as government agencies tightened the noose
around the big sharks involved in money laundering.
It merits a mention here that many of those found involved in money laundering
and terror funding enjoyed close proximity with the political establishment. Many
have been booked but many more are still roaming free. It should be a thumb rule
for government agencies that all those who were part of the terror ecosystem in
any way are likely to be participating in money laundering as well.
Some journalists who were driving the narrative of separatism could be part of
the money laundering syndicates as well. The authorities, however, for reasons
best known to them have not been able to nail these so-called journalists. It
should be borne in mind that they may flee the country if they get an
opportunity. Before they do that, government agencies must act and put them
behind bars.


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