Mufti Sb, please don’t call the acid attacker Beta


Please don’t say the girl could be at fault:

Please don’t make everything a woman thing

For many of us, the girl who suffered the acid attack is only a headline. How would the girl be suffering? Her face has been destroyed. Doctors say her eyes have been damaged beyond repair. What a horrific life! One can cry thinking about her fate.

Imagine the plight of her family! The happiness of a household has been crushed. It is so tragic. There have been these kinds of news earlier too. Most of the times these attacks happen because the girl says no to the advances made on her. When I think about the victim, I feel numb. I want to cry out loud. I do not know whether to be angry at the man who attacked her, or at the society that raised him to believe that he can do such a barbaric act in order to satisfy his ego. Yesterday, I saw a video posted on a common group. It was a recording of Mufti Muzaffer Hussain Qasmi Makhdoomi DB. He was condemning the attack. Mufti Sb rightly said that this attack is a shame on humanity and on Muslims. I would say that it is a shame on Kashmiris as well. We have failed as a community to protect our women and our sisters from such monsters.

The second point Mufti Sb made was: We do not know if the girl was at fault and even if the girl was at fault the man should not have punished her. I felt deeply sad to hear this. Imagine a girl whose life is finished. She is alive but perhaps she would be wishing that she was dead and did not have to bear this trama. Imagine the state of her parents, who would be devastated seeing her on the hospital bed, struggling for everything. How her brothers and sisters would be crying.

Mufti Sb said, We do not know if the girl was at fault…

What fault could that girl have made? Is there any any any fault that could have attracted such terrible punishment? Mufti Sb, it is enough to say that the man should not have done this. Why are you again making it about the woman? Why are you linking his terrible terrible criminal act to the woman? Mufti Sb, again and again, called the attack a punishment. Punishment for what? What has the girl done to deserve this punishment? Why is Mufti Sb creating double standards and confusion? Is he condemning the attack or giving an explanation for the attack?

Mufti Sb, Please Don’t Call The Attacker Beta

Then Mufti Sb spoke about the monster who has committed this act. While speaking of him, Mufti Sb said Beta. Mufti Sb, please don’t call this man Beta. He does not deserve to be anyone’s beta. Please don’t give him respect by calling him Beta. The final words of Mufti Sb were even more confusing. I do not know how everything gets twisted and is turned into the women’s fault. Mufti Sb advised the girls to move in purdah. He said girls should not go out when it is late, and they should always leave home with a mahram. I cannot understand this. How could a veil have protected this poor woman from acid? How would a mahram accompanying the woman have stopped the acid from reaching her face and making it melt?

Mufti Sb, please just condemn the act of the horrific man. Please just call it completely against Islam. Don’t say things which humanize the monster who carried out the act. Don’t say things to give him space, as if it was totally not his fault. Women take forward our civilization. It is not right to blame them for the wrongs committed by men. But this is very typical of our Kashmiri society. We blame women even for the faults and mistakes of men. Shockingly, this trend has been encouraged by some women in our society. When the photographs of these monsters were released by the police, they were allowed to cover their faces. The police should have kept their faces uncovered. The world should remember the faces of these hateful beasts.


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