Negative notions around power crisis must be dispelled

There are many theories being attributed to power woes in Jammu and Kashmir. Media reports reveal that the power scenario in the rest of the country is equally bad.
Acute shortage of electricity has generated a debate in Kashmir along communal lives. Short reels on social media have gone viral, attributing the power shortage in Kashmir valley particularly during the fasting month of Ramadan to what is being portrayed as “deliberate utterances by the government to make life in Kashmir woeful for the Muslim community.”
Criticism by the political and intellectual class too is on the same lines. Many politicians are accusing  the Manoj Sinha Administration of being insensitive to the sensitivities of the Muslim community for what they call as “deliberately pushing the Kashmir valley into darkness, particularly during Sehri and Iftar hours.”
Notwithstanding the fact that the power crisis has truly subjected people to great hardships in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir, what is urgently required from the Administration is to dispel the notions of discrimination on communal basis. The power crisis is indeed huge. I am sure that the  Administration will be seriously examining the ways to mitigate the problems faced by the people. But the dangerous “conspiracy theory against Kashmiri Muslims” needs to be demolished sooner rather than later.
The government cannot afford to annoy the citizens by denying them basic amenities. That realization, I think, has always been there since Mr Manoj Sinha took over the reins of power in Jammu and Kashmir. Equally important for the Administrator is to communicate and respond to the concerns of the citizenry without losing time. Mr Sinha is always quick and prompt in redressal of grievances. For the power crisis, the response should come from the highest office. The negative notions created around the power crisis must be dispelled.


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