New Delhi ends free movement with Myanmar to strengthen border security


New Delhi: India took a significant step to make its borders safer by ending the Free Movement Regime (FMR) with Myanmar. This move, supported by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to keeping India safe.

The decision to end the FMR isn’t just about security but also about protecting the demographic makeup of the North Eastern states that share a border with Myanmar. The Ministry of Home Affairs wants to act fast, so they have recommended immediately stopping the FMR with Myanmar.

The situation in Myanmar’s Rakhine State is getting worse, with India advising its citizens not to go there because of rising tensions, communication problems, and shortages of essentials. India wants to ensure the safety of its people and is concerned about what’s happening in Myanmar.

Amit Shah also announced plans to strengthen the border between India and Myanmar, including putting up fences along the 1643 km long border. This is to better watch over the border and control who comes in, especially with tensions rising in Myanmar.

The conflict in Myanmar is causing many people to flee, with some seeking refuge in Bangladesh and Mizoram State. The violence shows how unstable the situation is, and it’s causing concerns for neighbouring countries like India and Bangladesh.

The political situation in Myanmar is tense, as the ruling military faces resistance from groups like the National Unity Government (NUG) and ethnic minorities. The NUG, along with groups like the Chin National Front and Karen National Union, want to end military rule and establish a democratic government. But the military sees them as threats, making peace talks difficult.

Recent attacks by ethnic armed groups in Myanmar have made the situation even more volatile.


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