No Forgetting The Commitment


IN the wake of the recent cowardly terrorist attack on our brave soldiers in Rajouri, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to the region stands as a resolute symbol of solidarity, unwavering commitment and a strong message to those who seek to disrupt peace. The visit not only boosts the morale of our troops but also reaffirms the government’s dedication to ensuring the safety and security of our armed forces viz a viz security of the civilians.

Moreover, the visit also sends a clear message to the perpetrators of the attack and their backers that such acts of violence will not deter our resolve. The government’s commitment towards safeguarding the nation remains resolute, and the message is clear that any attempt to undermine our security will be met with a strong and united response.

On the occasion, Singh urged the troops not to make any “mistakes” that might hurt Indian citizens. This statement came in reference of three men found dead under suspicious circumstances last week near the site of an ambush by terrorists on Army vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district, which left four soldiers dead and three injured the previous day.

While addressing troops, Rajnath expressed that the government was committed to eradicate terrorism in all forms and win the war against terrorists. He thrust upon the troops to win the hearts of common citizens and said that the security forces carried a huge responsibility upon their shoulders.

The statement was a clear message to perpetrators sitting across the Border and the notorious elements that effect unfortunate incidents to disturb the law and order situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Defense Minister’s visit is a testament to the fact that the government has control on the situation.

The J&K administration must announce relief and ex-gratia to the victims of the Rajouri incident and the next of kin (NOKs) must be offered jobs. It’s important that the powers that be should stop every situation, both on ground and social media, from going out of hand.


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