Now that she doesn’t have a position of power, Nayeema Mehjoor is spitting venom against the state on social media


Nau Sau Choohe Kha Ke Billi Haj Ko Chali

Social media is a potent platform globally. In Kashmir, it is being flagrantly used to spread disinformation among the youth in order to instigate them for violence against the state. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Clubhouse, the social audio app – all these are flooded with content to fuel unrest in the Valley. A large number of rooms have been created on Clubhouse whose sole purpose seems to be to breed hatred against the Indian state. KZINE had ealier highlighted the devious role of rogues in the Kashmiri diaspora to provoke young Kashmiris and lead them to violence.

In Clubhouse, these self-exiled members of the Kashmiri diaspora have found a new platform to provoke the young. Rogues like Rifat Wani, Mukhtar A Baba and others remain active on Clubhouse and peddle lies. These fraudsters are constantly trying to convince Kashmiris that they are being harassed and tortured. These lies are being spun online in such huge numbers that some young Kashmiris tend to willy-nilly believe them. It is ironical that the Kashmiri youngsters do not analyze and process life around them themselves. They tend to believe in those living thousands of kilometres away about the happenings in Kashmir.

Nayeema Mehjoor

Nayeema is the former chairperson of the Women’s Commission in Jammu and Kashmir.  She worked for 22 years in BBC Urdu Service and with All India Radio, Srinagar. Nayeema has authored two books that are filled with hatred and anti-India propaganda. Nayeema is a very active user on Clubhouse. She is always spinning lies of oppression in Kashmir. Nayeema keeps harping only on those issues which she can milk for her negative talk. If Nayeema cares about what she calls Kashmir’s freedom so much, why hasn’t she kept her own children in Kashmir and raised them as freedom fighters? She is dishing out crap to impressionable young children about how much the Indian state is to be hated, and how to express their hate for the state. Why is this advice restricted to the children of middle-class Kashmiris? Why isn’t it applied to her own elitist family?

Following Nayeema’s hate-filled talk, a Clubhouse user questioned her, “Why are you trying to rewind to the early 90s? The youngsters you are talking to are all born after the 90s.” Nayeema replied, “I am just making you aware of how Kashmir was treated in the early 90s. You may be unaware of that. I am not telling you to pick up arms against security forces. But we should not forget the past and we should contribute to the resistance movement of Kashmir. We can contribute to it in different ways like writing articles, journalism, and raising our voice on social media.” The young users in the chatroom were quiet, listening to her keenly.

Why Isn’t Nayeema Pitching Her Own Children For The So-Called Resistance Movement?

It is ironical that Nayeema should say these words and provoke young minds. She enjoyed an elitist life while she was Chairperson of the J&K State Women’s Commission during the BJP-PDP coalition government. At that time, she was thrilled to enjoying power and all its perks. Once she is out of power, she has positioned herself as the spokeswoman of the so-called resistance movement and is spitting venom. Nayeema’s husband Abdal Ahmad Mehjoor is a retired program executive of All India Radio, Srinagar. He drew handsome salary and perks while working for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI.

Now that she is not in an official position, Nayeema is leaving no stone unturned to instigate and provoke the Kashmiri youngsters through malicious writeups, Facebook posts and by authoring books with venomous content.

In June 2011, Nayeema was booked by the J-K police for “inciting violence and spreading disinformation” on Facebook. A man was killed in Srinagar’s Lal Chowk by three armed men suspected to be terrorists. Nayeema posted on Facebook that the man had been killed by the police. Nayeema tries to dominate the chatrooms at Clubhouse with her radical ideology. Whenever she enters in any room on Clubhouse, she introduces herself in a way that a common Kashmiri will believe that she has lost everything in terror. What really she has lost is her conscience, because she has kept her own children insulated from the muck that she is trying to create here. Why is she using the children of poor and middle-class Kashmiris to wage a war on India? Why do elite Kashmiris always choose the children of poor, underprivileged Kashmiris to suffer and die for the so-called resistance? Clubhouse is not yet monitored in Kashmir, so it is being used by rogues to spread malicious content against India. There is rampant misuse of this social media platform. Pseudo accounts are being used by the hundreds to spread false information about day-to-day happenings in Kashmir. The clubhouse is also being used widely for cyberbullying.


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