Nupur Sharma Episode A Costly Lesson For The Nation


Nupur Sharma Episode A Costly Lesson For The Nation

The appalling remarks made by BJP’s Nupur Sharma have no place in a secular democratic republic. It is the ethos of India to respect all faiths. Anyone who makes derogatory remarks against any religion is engaging in a frontal attack on the idea of India.

We are a secular democratic nation and it is our ethos to respect all faiths. We cannot ignore our centuries of multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-racial and multi-cultural coexistence.

Hate is in nobody’s interest. Nations are built on the bedrock of peace and harmony, and not through the slings and arrows of hate. For the sustained growth of the nation and its people, it is essential that no one issues derogatory comments against any religion or people.

We must also remember that provocative comments in any region can set off an ugly chain reaction elsewhere in the country. The statements made by Nupur Sharma and the resultant international outrage are a costly lesson for the nation. At the end of the day, the entire nation is at loss by such irresponsible conduct.


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