Only The Dumb – Or Those Sold To Pakistan – Are Blind To The Messaging 

A day before Republic Day, terrorists throw a grenade at a marketplace in Srinagar. Four civilians and a policeman are injured. Within minutes the terrorists issue a statement claiming that have breached security for Republic Day.

What have the terrorists achieved?


They have caused mindless suffering. They have damaged the properties of the shopkeepers. These poor men stood helplessly after the attack, staring at their shattered glasses. So this is it. This is Pakistan’s definition of achievement – maximizing Kashmiri damage. For more than 30 years we have suffered this. For more than 30 years we have watched Kashmiris being killed because Pakistan’s Generals must have an opium to feed to their junta.
The bottom line is this. For Pakistan, Kashmiri lives don’t matter. 
Only two kinds of people will be blind to the messaging. One, those who are sold out to Pakistan. They don’t care that Kashmiris continue to die. They will keep churning out their rants. They will constantly refuse to admit that Pakistan is using Kashmiris and killing Kashmiris at will. Second, the dumb will be blind to the messaging of the attack. Only a dumb person cannot see that for these bloodthirsty radicals Kashmiri lives are meaningless. They indulge in mayhem at call of their radical masters here and in Pakistan. This is clear indicator that are losing the battle and their mental balance. Those silent on this attack reveal their ideology. Remember: The common man is watching.


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