Overwhelming Response To First Kashmir Central Conclave

Hein apne bhi khafa mujh se beghane bhi naa khush
Mein zehr e hilal ko kabhi ke ne saka kand

Since the last three or four months, we at the weekly news magazine Kashmir Central
were planning to organise the first Kashmir Central Conclave. We discussed the idea
with friends and requested them to support us at least morally to make the conclave
happen. We realised towards the end that all are not friends. Some of them are
saboteurs. There was every overt and covert attempt to sabotage the event. It was not
so easy as it seems from a distance. We were apprehensive till the time the Conclave
actually commenced on October 1 at Taj Vivanta.
Our sincerety of purpose and our intentions were rewarded in a big way. The conclave
went off very well. It may not be an exaggeration if I say the conclave was a block
buster. The first one and such an overwhelming response!
More than anything else, the overwhelming participation reflected on our credibility. I
am grateful to all those who participated. And let me state with humility and pride the
conclave was very fruitful for those who participated. It was a reward for them too for
their faith in us. The conclave was intellectually stimulating, thought provoking and
The renowned academicians had an opportunity to express themselves in a very
scholarly atmosphere. The scholars and the students were enriched by the discussions.
The team got a pat on its back and the we at the Kashmir Central proved that we believe
in ourselves and we do what we do on our own. We offered our people something that
they had been waiting for long – an honest, unbiased discourse.


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