Severe Economic Meltdown

Pakistan Is Unable To Give Even Roti To Its People

Pakistan is in the midst of a meltdown. Pakistani analysts are calling it the crisis of roti, kapda aur makaan in Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan was not able to provide kapda and makaan to its poor. Now, it is unable to give even roti to its people.
I was discussing the economic meltdown of Pakistan with a friend. He made a somber comment which set me thinking. He said, “Pakistan ki economy ko na China, na Europe, na America bacha sakta hai. Not even our Muslim world can save them. Only some divine intervention can save Pakistan.”
Those who know of the depth of the crisis in Pakistan know that this statement is true. It is now globally believed that Pakistan has created most of its own troubles. That is why its economy is collapsing.
Over the last few weeks, the world has seen how Pakistanis are not able to buy even the
essential commodities for food. They don’t have fuel to run their vehicles. But the problem is so deep and so huge that even with foreign aid, Pakistan may not be able to emerge from the crisis.

Unable To Get Foreign Aid
For Pakistan, the situation is only getting worse. Because of its poor performance on every
parameter for decades, Pakistan is unable to get even foreign aid. The talks of the team of
International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the Pakistan government have remained inconclusive.
The poor in Pakistan are unable to find anything to eat. But the damage being inflicted upon Pakistan’s society and economy is not restricted to the poor alone. We have to remember that a society and an economy is an organic ecosystem. What happens to one section deeply impacts the other.

Islamabad-based journalist Mohammad Shehzad recently told that none of the political parties will benefit from the current economic crisis in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s PTI
is in the opposition, but even his party will not gain any brownie points during this critical time.

Only Hardline Jihadis Will Benefit From Current Situation
Seasoned political analysts say that only the hardline jihadis will benefit from the current
situation. Terrorist groups born and nurtured in Pakistan are already posing a threat to global security. The current crisis will further aggravate the situation.
Mohammad Shehzad spoke of the recent meeting between the business community of Karachi and the Governor of Pakistan’s State Bank. He said that during the meeting, leading businessmen of Karachi gifted a beautiful box to the Governor. He thought that there was some souvenir in the box. But when he opened the box, he found that they had given him the keys of their factories and business establishments.
The businessmen then said to him that Sir, we are in this business for decades. It is our bread and butter. But with the current challenges that Pakistan is facing, we are unable to run our business. You are the policy-maker, you please take the keys and run these businesses for us.
It is to be noted that this incident took place in Karachi, which is the commercial capital of
Pakistan. The leading businessmen of the area have access to the Governor and can tell him about their problems.

But millions of Pakistanis who are reeling under the economic crisis have no one to talk to
about the catastrophe that they are facing.


Pakistani Taliban Is Gaining From Crisis
Pakistan Army Is Fighting TTP, Reeling Under Its Attacks

Security and political analysts of Pakistan are saying that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will benefit from the current economic crisis faced by the country. At this juncture, when the Pakistani government is not able to help the people, TTP is holding relief camps and is giving rations to people, along with things of daily need.
Because of this, sympathy for TTP is rising among the people. But the Pakistan Army is fighting TTP because it is a terror group. It breeds and sustains on terror. Also, in the past few months TTP has inflicted huge costs on the Pakistan Army.
This is turning into a strange situation for Pakistan.
Over the last few months, Pakistani Taliban (TTP) are intensifying their murderous attacks on Pakistani soldiers, ISI officers, on Pakistan police and ordinary citizens. Noted political and defense analysts of Pakistan are writing that their nation’s army is unable to take on the monumental home-grown TTP challenge. Instead of focusing on the parts where Pakistan is bleeding, Pakistan Army is engaging itself with the usual empty talk on Kashmir.
The attacks by the TTP have left Pakistan’s security forces reeling. Pakistan has seen over 100 attacks by TTP in less than two months. Some of these attacks have left their army red-faced. Among them is the recent capture of the Counter Terrorism Department in Bannu by the TTP.

On January 7, Mr Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistan’s highly respected physicist and writer wrote in The Dawn that “serious missteps, both strategic and tactical, have strengthened” TTP.
Mr Hoodbhoy noted that their army has about 600,000 men. It is armed with advanced
American and Chinese weaponry. Despite this, their army has not been able to effectively
defeat TTP, which comprises of a few hundred men.


Pak Senator tweeted PM Modi’s Old Video, It Went Viral
A few days ago, an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral in Pakistan. The video was tweeted by Senator Azam Khan Swati, a minister in former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s
Cabinet. It pertained to a speech given by the Prime Minister during a rally.
During the speech, PM Modi had said that India had forced Pakistan to take a begging bowl and beg for money from around the world. Along with the video, Senator Azam Khan tweeted,
“Hear what India’s Modi is saying about Pakistan? If there is honour in you, then be ashamed.”
For decades now, I saw a sizable section of Kashmiris idolizing Pakistan. They assumed that
Pakistan was the answer to all their problems.
Now, after decades, I can see that the romantic notions about Pakistan are dispersing in
Kashmir. People are now admitting that a nation which cannot resolve its own problems, a
nation which cannot give food to its own people – what will it resolve any challenges in
Kashmir? This is the reason why the rosy picture of Pakistan is being replaced by the bitter and dark reality of Pakistan.


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