Pakistan’s Effort To Deepen Kashmir’s Exclusivity 


An interesting dimension of trolling in Kashmir is that Pakistani social media users immediately jump into the argument related to Kashmir and raise the din several notches higher. Their consistent attempt is to deepen Kashmir’s exclusivity.

There is a definite pattern which is being followed by Pakistan to socially discredit the freedom of choice in Kashmir. This pattern is evident in the anti-India rhetoric and also in the project of Islamization. The pattern is this: A social media bully or a so-called working journalist comments on something vengeful against the Indian state or against those Kashmiris who have nationalist credentials. Thereafter, the argument is given strength by social media bullies within Pakistan or those owing allegiance to the Pakistan establishment. They are the first to give traction to these comments through Twitter or Facebook. In this way, a storm is unleashed on social media in favour or against the subject.

Class 12 topper Arusa is the latest victim of this pattern. It has rightly been pointed out by some that these trolls are swarms of radicalized Kashmiri well-frogs who want Kashmir to remain a cesspool. The concerted efforts by the Pakistani establishment through their radicalized stooges have intruded deep into Kashmir society. They have blinded many by their narrow worldview. The bold and confident Arusa appropriately responded to the trolls by saying that she doesn’t need the certificate of being a good Muslim from anyone.


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