Police Arrests Impostor Posing as DySP in Baramulla, Seize 40K cash



Jammu and Kashmir Police on Monday said it arrested a person, who was impersonating as DySP as well Sub- Inspector in north Kashmir Baramulla district.

“Police Station Kunzer have successfully apprehended a fraudulent individual who had been impersonating law enforcement officials and scamming innocent citizens. The accused, identified as Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, son of Ghulam Mohammad Wani and resident of Barzulla Dhobivan, Tehsil Karhama, was taken into custody following a written complaint,” a police spokesperson said in a statement.

He said that the investigation has proved that the accused had been operating under false pretenses, presenting himself as both a Sub-Inspector and a DSP, in order to deceive unsuspecting individuals.
“Through this deceitful scheme, the accused managed to fraudulently extract a sum of Rupees 90,000 from the complainant,” he said, adding that upon which Police Station were able to recover and seize Rupees 40,000 of the ill-gotten funds, which were earned through various fraudulent activities.

He also said that the case has been registered under FIR No. 83/2023 U/S 419,420 IPC in PS Kunzer, reflecting the seriousness of the charges against the accused.

This successful operation he said showcases the dedication and commitment of law enforcement agencies to bring wrongdoers to justice and protect the interests of the public.The collaboration between complainants and law enforcement has played a pivotal role in ensuring the swift resolution of this case, he said.

He also said that rhe authorities commend the vigilance of citizens in reporting suspicious activities and urge everyone to remain cautious when dealing with unknown individuals, he said.

He further said that the arrest of Mushtaq Ahmad Wani sends a strong message that criminal activities will not go unchecked, and individuals attempting to exploit the trust of innocent people will face legal consequences.


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