Police freeze properties worth Rs 2.1 crore of drug smugglers



Baramulla: Police in Baramulla have frozen properties of drug smugglers worth Rs 2.1 crores.

The action of freezing the property of drug smugglers has been initiated for the first time to ensure that the empire raised by the drug smugglers from the narcotic trade is hit hard beyond their imagination.

The action encompasses the seizure of three residential houses, three private vehicles worth Rs 90.02 lakh, and a substantial cash amount of Rs 1.2 crore.

This operation, conducted under sections 68-E and 68-F (1) of the NDPS Act 1985, marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against narcotics in the region.

A Police spokesman said that the freezing of these properties signifies the authorities’ unwavering commitment to clamp down on those who have amassed wealth through illicit drug trade.

He said that by targeting both movable and immovable assets of drug smugglers, the Police have given a significant financial blow to the drug business, sending a message that drug peddling would not be tolerated.

“The Police is showing no let-up in its mission to create a drug-free environment in the district,” the Police spokesman said. “The common people are encouraged to share any information they have regarding drug peddlers with the Police, with the assurance that the identity of informants will be kept confidential. This collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community underscores the potential to eradicate drugs from society permanently.”

The people of the district are appreciating Police action and urged the Police to continue their mission, which can save the lives of scores of youth involved in drug addiction.

“Police in Baramulla are doing a tremendous job against drug abuse,” said Farooq Ahmad, a local. “It is because of their sincere efforts that people with any information of drug peddling are approaching Police for help, which shows confidence of the people in Police.”


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