Residents In Old Town, Adjoining Areas Urge For Relocation Of CRPF Units


Public Grievance

KZINE has received dozens of calls from residents of many areas in old town and adjoining localities. The callers have been complaining about the inconvenience caused to the general public because of the additional deployment of the Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF).

The callers complain that the Administration has designated mostly marriage halls and community halls for additional deployment of CRPF. This is causing inconvenience to the residents. These areas are densely populated and congested. Social gatherings like weddings are usually organized in marriage and community halls. Many desperate callers told KZINE that they had planned or were planning organize the marriage and other social gatherings at these centers constructed by the government for this purpose. They urged upon the administration to relocate the additionally deployed force to alternate places.

KZINE spoke to the Divisional Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Srinagar in this regard. He said that this is a security-related issue, and only the security establishment can answer it.

Senior officers in CRPF told KZINE that the CRPF forces have been accommodated in the marriage or community halls as a temporary arrangement. “We assure people that the forces will be relocated very soon,” said a senior officer.


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